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Riverside Surgical Associates Selects Cassidi®, AlertMD®

Chicago, IL: Riverside Surgical Associates signed on as an AlertMD customer.

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Have you met Margie® yet? Margie® helps physician practices increase profitability by engaging your patients, increasing the conversion of referrals and recalls to appointments and managing communications. She recently delivered a 15% increase in the referral conversion rate and a 210% increase in recall conversions!

Physician practices build their business through new patient referrals and follow up visits for existing patients. Consequently, you would think that they have a very clear answer to the following questions:

  • Out of every 100 new patient referrals last month, how many turned into appointments?
  • When a patient’s 3-year recall or follow up is due, what % of the patients schedule that visit?

And yet, when we asked several physician practices to answer these questions, barely a quarter of them were able to give an answer and those who did, said it was a good faith estimate without tools to measure the metrics.

Here is why these metrics are important…if just 10 more out of every 100 referrals became appointments, your practice may stand to make an estimated $3100 in profit. Many physician practices today convert less than 38% of their referrals and less than 20% of their recalls into appointments. Seems shockingly low? Check your own practice and let us know what you find – if you have the tools to find it quickly!

About AlertMD: AlertMD is a mobile health platform that saves 7 or more minutes for every minute our users spend on our platform. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 20,000 customers nationwide.

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