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Automated Communication

AlertMD's care coordination module is a workflow manager and a messaging platform that synchronizes administrators, nurses, care coordinators, case managers and billers to reduce the cost of care.

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Connect Your Network

AlertMD's communication platform covers the essential medical workflows, all while being HIPAA compliant. With dozens of modules and features, you couldn't go wrong. Connect your healthcare network and provide a single platform for all to use.

Messaging basics covered, and more

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Urgent Messaging

Send messages that require acknowledgment and provide different escalation paths. If a message remains unacknowledged, it escalates to the next party on call.

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Chat Messaging

Send chat messages and provide a HIPAA compliant solution for your health network. Send attachments, see read receipts, click to call users, message nurse pods and more.

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Team Messaging

Send urgent or chat messages to a team and keep everyone in the loop. Create team resources for your providers so they can quickly get questions from the billing team, schedulers and colleagues

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Service Messaging

Create a centralized switchboard, and provide an easy way to message different parties — eg., page the Cardiologist on call, page a nurse pod and more.

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After-Hours Messaging

Our messaging platform works round-the-clock. Provide a simple solution for your patients to leave messages such as non-urgent appointment requests, prescription refills and more.

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What if a patient is having a heart attack or stroke and you need to assemble the appropriate care team urgently? Well, look no further. Our messaging platform can send messages to the right care team when life depends on it.

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Admit and Discharge Notifications

AlertMD keeps the provider in the loop by sending admission and discharge messages to primary care providers automatically.

Automated MACRA Elements

AlertMD uses AI (artificial intelligence) to parse discharge summaries, which allows us to send MACRA elements — i.e., the care plan, medications upon discharge, follow up recommendation timelines and more.

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Security in the Forefront

Protecting patient information is our top priority. We built AlertMD to be compliant with HIPAA. Messages are delivered through end-to-end encryption so you can trust any message sent or received is done so securely.

We could go on and on about feature after feature, but we'd rather show you.

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