Introducing Margie,

a chatbot, phone system, message tracker and Alexa presence for your practice.

Phone System

Eliminate hold times and get rid of the elevator music. Guide callers using an automated phone system and provide text message updates.

Amazon Alexa

Integrate your practice with Amazon Alexa and say things like:

Alexa Image
"Alexa, connect me to Pleasant Pediatrics"
"Alexa, message my doctor"
"Alexa, call Pleasant Pediatrics"
"Alexa, refill a prescription"
"Alexa, schedule an appointment"

A few ways Margie will improve your practice.

And we're just getting started.

Increase patient satisfaction

Eliminate patient hold times and keep patients up to date on their requests.

Faster response times

Deliver quicker solutions to your patients.

Increase staff productivity

Prioritize tasks by urgency and eliminate questions where the answer is immediate.

Daytime & after-hours

Margie is available to your patients round-the-clock.

Reduce staffing costs

Simplify your front office staff workflow and save thousands of dollars per year.

Learn from your patients

Use real-time analytics to strengthen workflows and enhance your patient's journey.

Create multiple workflows with one powerful product.

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The possibilities are endless with Margie.

Inquire now and find out how Margie can increase patient satisfaction and simplify your front office.

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