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Increase Patient Volume

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Margie helps your system get patients.

Margie converts more referrals and recalls into appointments with automated outreach to increase patient volume. Easily integrate Margie’s automated phone, chat and messaging system with your practice. Send images, videos, and interactive responses to your patients for improved patient engagement. But we don't just stop there:

Eliminate Phone Tag

30% of your scheduler payroll is spent on playing phone tag. We make those inbound calls instead of your schedulers making outbound calls — there is always a warm patient on the line when your scheduler picks up the phone.


In the 21st Century

Appointment scheduling should be as simple as ordering food from an app or requesting a ride-share. Margie brings your practice into the 21st century by offering a 6-second self-scheduling solution.

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Regulate Volume, Manage Fill Rate

Margie regulates call volume so your schedulers are not overwhelmed and manages your fill rate to help find more patients (e.g., past recalls, etc.). Keep your schedules full by using Margie.

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Geo-located Outreach and Selection

Like popular ride-sharing apps, when a patient requests an appointment, Margie uses geo-coding to offer the patient the right provider closest to their address and with the right fill rate. That way, new providers can come up to speed quickly, and the workload is even.

Margie is Like Miracle-Gro® for your Practice

Increase your practice's patient intake while improving patient satisfaction. Enquire now and find out how Margie can help grow your practice.

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