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Multi-lingual Intelligent Agent | Phone & Messaging System | Workflow Optimizer | Alexa® Skill

Margie is a multi-lingual patient satisfaction platform aimed at making it easier for your patients to work with your practice. Margie eliminates wait-time on your office phone during the day, integrates into your after-hours call service, creates an Alexa® presence for additional access, works with your portal/app, on your public website and more.

Multi-lingual Intelligent Agent

Provide self-service for your patients for 50% of inbound calls.


Margie works round the clock when your practice is open and closed. All without being powered by a live human.

Supports 16 Languages

Margie is a native speaker in 16 different languages. Remove the barrier and cater to all patients.

Organize Front Office

Separate work queues for urgent refills vs. medical record requests.

Centralize Services

E.g., single nursing work queue across all clinic locations.

Phone & Messaging System

Integrate Margie’s automated phone and messaging system with your practice. Send images, videos and interactive responses to your patients to engage them more.

Workflow Optimizer

Introducing Workdesk, an easy to use application that manages messages sent to your practice.


Margie will sort and organize messages for you, so you can get to the work item that is due now vs. the squeaky wheel caller.


Triage messages and create a communication workflow for your entire practice.


Have a sensitive item to share with a patient? Send a text alert before you call so they can get to a private area.


Review previous messages and use Margie's reporting module to find improvement for your pratice.

Alexa® Skill

Integrate your practice with Amazon Alexa and say things like:

Alexa Image
"Alexa, connect me to Pleasant Pediatrics"
"Alexa, message my doctor"
"Alexa, call Pleasant Pediatrics"
"Alexa, refill a prescription"
"Alexa, schedule an appointment"

A few ways Margie will improve your practice.

And we're just getting started.

Increase patient satisfaction

Eliminate patient hold times and keep patients up to date on their requests.

Faster response times

Deliver quicker solutions to your patients.

Increase staff productivity

Prioritize tasks by urgency and eliminate questions where the answer is immediate.

Daytime & after-hours

Margie is available to your patients round-the-clock.

Reduce staffing costs

Simplify your front office staff workflow and save thousands of dollars per year.

Learn from your patients

Use real-time analytics to strengthen workflows and enhance your patient's journey.

The possibilities are endless with Margie.

Inquire now and find out how Margie can increase patient satisfaction and simplify your front office.


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