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Forward Thinking? Not so much...

Forward-thinking analysts said people would do more on their mobile phones than their computers. We laughed... until they were right. Some predicted the demise of retail because of eCommerce 10 years ago…we laughed and they were right. The large health system with huge fixed capital is slowly moving closer to the patient.

Home-centric care is the name of the game. Not home health as we know it, with a medical assistant coming once a month and taking the pulse, not a nurse coming once a month and checking on medication. A full-blown mini-treatment center at home is where we are headed. AlertMD's home-centric care software platforms bring several pieces of the puzzle together.


Patient Access

AlertMD's patient access solution allows patients to schedule whether via voice, chat, web, phone and more.


Finding a Provider

After the patient request is submitted, AlertMD uses geo-coding to alert the nearest providers and locations. Providers may be at a fixed location such as a clinic, or in a mobile pod, a home health vehicle or simply subscribed to geo-coded patient requests. Your system has the flexibility to adapt.


Schedule the Visit

Whether the scheduled appointment is in person or virtual, AlertMD sends appointment reminders via email, text, or phone call.

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Automated Communication

Appointment reminders, procedure prep instructions and more are sent out days in advance.

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Provider Visit or Patient Visit

The patient can visit the facility and social distance by waiting in a virtual waiting room using AlertMD's QSimple. The provider can also visit the patient and get the address right from their phone.

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Documentation and Billing

After the visit, AlertMD's Cassidi can assist the hardworking coders with billing.


Recovery & Follow up

After the visit has been completed, send follow-up surveys to boost your health system's 5-star rating.

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Home-Centric Care is the Future

Ambulatory surgical centers and telehealth are nice - but are mere weigh stations along the journey. The future of healthcare is in the patient’s home. Think of your family members who need care. You want them to be as independent as possible, yet your lifestyles do not always enable you to take them to appointments. What you want is for their healthcare to be delivered at their homes.

AlertMD's Home-Centric Care Platforms

Group of Providers

Patient Engagement

Your Digital Front Door

AlertMD's self-scheduling platform, Margie℠, digitizes all inbound inquiries to your practice, creates work queues that are triaged remotely or at the facility while providing a centralized view for your staff and administration.

Group of Providers


Queue Management System

AlertMD's queue management system, QSimple℠, eliminates long lines and crowds in waiting areas by creating a safe public environment that enhances the patient appointment process using social distancing guidelines.

Charge Capture

Professional Billing, Automated

AlertMD's artificial intelligence platform, Cassidi℠, automatically reviews clinical documentation and saves time for the hard-working coders. Improve productivity and cash flow while reducing clinical billing office (CBO) expenses.

Group of Providers

Secure Messaging

Communication loops, completed

AlertMD's care coordination module is a workflow manager and a messaging platform that synchronizes administrators, nurses, care coordinators, case managers and billers to reduce the cost of care.

Modernizing the Home-Centric Care Experience

In today's world, a person can order or request almost anything on the internet, but the healthcare landscape remains relatively unchanged. Modernize your health system and offer next-generation technology so patients can interact with your health system and request appointments in a quick and easy manner.

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