Increase Your Profitability

With Our Mobile Platform

Charge Capture

We increase billing by 7-16% and add 9 days of cash via Cassidi.

Patient Engagement

We convert more referrals/recalls to appointments. 100% increase in volume via Margie.

Secure Messaging

We reduce response times to coordinate care by ~20 minutes via our HIPAA compliant messaging.

Home-Centric Care

We help your providers deliver care at home via our geo-coded platform.

AlertMD Solutions AlertMD Solutions

Four Industry-Unique Solutions

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Margie converts more referrals and recalls into appointments with automated outreach to increase patient volume. Easily integrate Margie’s automated phone, chat and messaging system with your practice. Send images, videos, and interactive responses to your patients for improved patient engagement.

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AlertMD's care coordination module is a workflow manager and a messaging platform that synchronizes administrators, nurses, care coordinators, case managers and billers to reduce the cost of care.

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Cassidi connects your health system to disparate systems within your 4 walls or brings charges back from non-network facilities to you. Our charge capture solutions simplify provider workflow.

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The future of healthcare is in the patient’s home. Think of your family members who need care. You want them to be as independent as possible, yet your lifestyles do not always enable you to take them to appointments. What you want is for their healthcare to be delivered at their homes.

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We’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of fantastic clients all over the United States from single provider practices to 2,000+ provider systems. Inquire now and find out how you can improve your profitability.

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We’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of fantastic clients all over the United States from single provider practices to 2,000+ provider systems. Inquire now and find out how you can improve your profitability.

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Work in Sync.

Our platform works with EHRs to present a single and simplified interface to your providers.

Charge Capture —
AlertMD's fully-integrated pro-fee charge capture solution that automates entry of professional fees. A hands-free mode, called AutoCode by AlertMD, takes the provider out of the loop and enables automatic generation of pro-fees.

Central Billing Office Productivity —
Understand who among your CBO staff is a hard worker, who is a smart worker, who is a cherry picker and who is a Netflix® watcher.

Critical Lab Alerts —
AlertMD delivers critical lab alerts real-time to the providers who ordered them, those who subscribed to the alerts, and those who are copied on the patient's chart.

Case Management —
Get alerted when a patient has reached 68% of their GLOS so you can manage their length of stay proactively.

HCC/RAF Capture —
AlertMD's AI engine, CASSIDI℠ (Computer-assisted Document Interpretation), finds missing HCCs in documention but not in pro fees, and much more.

Automated Consults —
AlertMD enables a fully automated provider-to-provider consult workflow that skips manual work while also enabling notifications during business hours for non-urgent consults.

Medicare Advantage —
Manage your RAF process by understanding documentation that has HCC-identifying codes that are not on your pro fee charges.

Follow up Monitoring —
AlertMD monitors discharge documents and reminds the PCP's office to schedule a follow-up appointment within 'n' days of discharge and notifies the scheduler if an appointment is not scheduled in that period.

Direct Documentation —
AlertMD delivers EHR documents direct to smartphones and the provider's office real-time. Legacy technology requires the office to check every day to identify if there is work to be done. AlertMD alerts the office automatically.

Call Schedules & Messaging —
AlertMD enables your providers to manage and maintain their call schedules which in return influences the messaging modules within and outside your EHR.

Admit/Discharge Notifications —
AlertMD delivers notifications to the provider when a patient is admitted or discharged. Multiple levers control when such alert is sent, who gets the alert and more.

Cassidi℠ is an intelligent agent that reviews clinical documentation and recommends relevant terminologies for review by the coder. Providers can focus on patient care while you leave documentation and charge capture to us.

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Focused Productivity

Provider workflow,

AlertMD addresses disconnect in physician revenue management workflows, helps align physicians with health system goals, improves nursing efficiency, and makes care coordination far more seamless.

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