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Field Workforce Solutions – An Overview

There are many macroeconomic trends that compel industries that historically waited for the customer to come to their location, to instead, invert the business model and have the service come to the customer. Retail has largely ceded to e-commerce. In other industries, the shift has started but not matured yet. Part of the reason why is because the solutions used to manage a mobile workforce, identify the closest resource who can satisfy a demand, etc., are not easy to purchase or are prohibitively expensive to build. AlertMD has created a field workforce solution that is industry-agnostic, inexpensive and enables a business to rapidly adapt to new realities.

There are 3 parts to the process:

1. Connecting with the customer

Margie®, our chatbot, resides on your website, on Facebook, Twitter, Alexa, etc., and enables the customer to request your services at their home. Here is a preview of the customer workflow

Margie on Web

Margie®, on the web

Margie on Transit

Margie®, on transit

Margie on Print

Margie®, on print ads

Margie on Social Media

Margie®, on social media

2. Geo-located Resource Outreach and Selection

As your resources sign up to receive notifications of customer demand where they are, the rest of the workflow kicks in. Using a geocoded coverage map of resource locations and your brick and mortar addresses, we get to work. Acting like popular ride-sharing apps, the system detects your closest facilities and your closest employees/resources to find good candidates to assist the customer. The customer demand is communicated to all qualifying resources in exponential outward circles until it is accepted or abandoned.

Margie ROI Image

Your Geo-coded Locations

Margie ROI Image

Demand Accepted (turns green)

Margie ROI Image

Your team in range gets the message

Margie ROI Image

Your team member sees details

3. Closing the Loop with Brick-and-Mortar

When a resource accepts the customer request, a designated brick-and-mortar location near the customer can get a notification. This may be useful to validate payments, registration, etc. Automated workflows ensure that communication fluidly moves back and forth.

Margie ROI Image

Brick-and-mortar gets notification

Margie ROI Image

Brick-and-mortar monitors and completes

4. The moral of the story

If you have not already evolved into a field workforce with brick-and-mortar support, you will soon (or you will watch your competition do it to your peril).

“Drone delivery operator” is probably a real job title for a high school kid working a Summer job at a pizza shop in the next few years. The future is coming at you at full speed.

Are you ready to adapt and thrive?

For more information, contact for a 20-minute webinar to learn more.

How AI Can Improve A Health Systems Charge Capture Process

78 percent of healthcare executives characterize charge captures as “essential” to their organization’s success, yet 40% discuss it once a month or less. With providers bearing much of the coding responsibility, automated processes are essential to ensure your claims are filed accurately. The more accurate or “clean” claims you submit, the higher return you will see as fewer claims end up denied. A perfected, AI-powered solution can not only enable more clean claims but also lessens missing charges and improves efficiency across all billing outlets. Integrated with your practice Electronic Health Record, AI can improve your charge capture process.

Improve Workflow and Revenue with AI-Powered Charge Capture:


An automated charge capture solution partners with your Electronic Health Record to simplify and streamline the documentation process. While providers are completing their required documentation, they can now complete charges from the same place. With everything in one spot, providers reach peak efficiency in their daily workflow while coding more accurately than ever before. This kind of automation and integration enable providers more room for specificity when detailing the descriptions required for their coding processes.


A quality charge capture solution enables providers to work on the go. For providers who are meeting with and treating patients outside of the office, a mobile solution ensures a sound and accurate billing process. In the past, providers would have to wait until they returned to the office to document and submit claims. Mobile technology helps providers to securely communicate protected information at the time of service. Automated and AI-powered technology prompt provider with the most appropriate medical billing codes for that visit to ensure more clean claims. A quality vendor should work with facilities to put their patient list in an easy-to-use mobile platform and integrate with hospitals to receive patient data, passing the pro-fee bills back to the practice.

Fast Turnaround

Providers who utilize an automated charge capture process will see a fast turnaround on payer reimbursements compared to paper processes. AI-powered technology takes charges and sends them to billers right at the end of a visit. These claims are coded accurately the first time and help your practice avoid time-consuming and costly denials. This tool can help decrease the about of time your accounts spend in AR, help your provider accomplish more in their day, and lead to more on-time and in-full payments.

Failing to capture a charge and forward it to billers leads to large financial loss. In a time where accurate coding falls primarily on the provider rather than their billing team, a charge capture solution is necessary to see financial growth and an overall increase in efficiency. With the right solution, your providers can complete their documenting and charge capture processes in one, your team can accurately capture charges on the go, and your practice can see an improvement in its bottom line. To learn more about a quality charge capture solution that can help your organization grow,

To learn more about a front office solution for health systems that digitizes interactions during the pandemic, click here.

Front Office Solution for Health Systems: Digitizing Interactions During Social Distancing

With a front office solution for health systems, providers can digitize over 50% of their interactions with patients. During the world-wide coronavirus pandemic, providers everywhere are working diligently to find safer ways to continue caring for their patients who depend on it. One of the best ways to minimize in-person interactions across your organization without discouraging patient encounters is to utilize digital platforms as much as possible. Some of the most popular tools providers have turned to during this time have been telehealth, queue management solutions, and front office solution for health systems. With quality technology on their side, providers are still able to communicate and work with patients while adhering to important social distancing regulations.

Digitizing Interactions:

Digitize Inbound Inquiries

Each day, your staff manages a host of inbound inquiries from patients and partners such as appointment requests, prescription refills, and more. With a front office solution for health systems, your practice can automate the majority of these processes using digital tools. Your front office solution for health systems should equip your organization with an automated phone, chatbot, and messaging system that can help limit interactions with front-office staff.

This will not only limit face-to-face interactions and minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, but it will also enable your organization to work more efficiently and complete more in their day. Tailored directly to the voice and identity of your organization, a front office solution for health systems will ensure your patients get what they need now and after the pandemic. While your patients get their needs met, your front office staff can focus on more pressing tasks.

Staff Work Queues

With so much happening, it is important for your organization to find new ways to stay organized and working efficiently. A front office solution for health systems will provide your team will a well-structured digital work queue that are triaged in different homes by remote staff. This allows as much of your staff as possible to continue working from home through the remainder of the pandemic and adhere to social distancing guidelines without sacrificing the quality and the rate at which work is completed.

Other Benefits of a Front Office Solution for Health Systems:

Improved Patient Experience and Connection

Helping your patients feel as connected as possible plays an important roll in their overall experience with your organization. With a front office solution for health systems, your organization can improve the patient experience by freeing up the lines of communication and streamlining processes through digital interactions. Patients can avoid frustrating hold times and get the answers they need from an automated system much faster than the traditional call or in-person interaction. The automated system works with your patient portal to ensure smooth scheduling processes and more. With responses that sound like they are coming directly from your team, your patients are more likely to feel seen and attended to, improving their overall impression of your organization and improving the patient experience.

To learn more about a front office solution for health systems that digitizes interactions during the pandemic, click here.

Cascade Medical Center Picks QSimple. 13th New Customer of the Year for AlertMD.

Chicago, IL: Cascade Medical Center aims to eliminate its waiting lines and give patients freedom and predictability while seeing practitioners via AlertMD's QSimple.

Margie ROI Image

QSimple Demo - Patients to self-checkin in their parking lots, get arrival reminders and more... See video for more information, click here.

About AlertMD: AlertMD is a mobile health platform with references to verify that we deliver greater patient volume, increased visits, a 100% charge capture rate and a 9-day improvement in cash. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 24,000 customers nationwide. For more information, contact AlertMD sales at

Ohio Gastroenterology Group Recovers Clinic Volumes with Digital Front Office and Queuing Solution

CHICAGO, July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AlertMD, a subsidiary of EverCommerce and leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc. and implemented two of its solutions to promote re-opening best practices and increase the still-suppressed patient volumes to pre-COVID19 numbers. Most recently, the clinic was able to increase its patient volumes to 91% of pre-pandemic numbers in just 16 days after re-opening. By implementing the two AlertMD℠ solutions, the clinic allows patients to stay safely in their car until the doctor is ready to see them using the QSimple℠ digital queuing solution and receive automated multi-device communications using Margie℠.

Margie℠ – a phone, chatbot, and messaging system – sends images, videos, and interactive responses to patients to educate them and relieve fears of coming back to the office. QSimple℠ provides a method for the patient to wait in the car before checking them in, bringing them in only when the practice is ready.

"What we see is that even though in-patient volumes have gone back to pre-pandemic numbers, clinic volumes are vastly depressed and even if you add in telehealth volumes, the total volume is not back to where it was before COVID," said Badri Narasimhan, President of AlertMD℠. "We believe a big part of the problem is the latent fear patients have based on lack of education. Through the Margie℠ and QSimple℠ platforms, practices can have an automated system that educates patients of precautionary measures in place, while helping enforce appropriate social distancing at the time of the appointment."

"Our partnership with AlertMD has enabled us to make data-driven decisions in healthcare – to benefit the patients who need the most care and to help us rebuild volume and restore confidence in the community," said Dr. Reddy of Ohio Gastroenterology. He then added, "AlertMD helped us evaluate our data and understand where our volume came from. We were able to contact past referrals and cancelled appointments and identify the patients most likely to schedule appointments to rebuild volume. We went from reopening day to over 91% of our peak volume pre-COVID with their help in 16 days."

As Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc., continues to use the Margie℠ and QSimple℠ products, they are confident they will return to 100% of pre-pandemic volumes and grow beyond that level by increasing the number of referrals that choose to make their appointments using these digital, streamlined services. AlertMD℠ is excited to take both products to practices of all specialties across the U.S. Both AlertMD℠ and Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc., will be offering an educational webinar to share their experience in improving patient volumes on July 15, 2020. To attend, register here: The Journey to Rebuild Ambulatory /ASC Volumes

About AlertMD

AlertMD℠ is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and was founded in 2008 by providing data analytics and predictive modeling to help hospitals understand leading indicators of adverse events. This data assisted health systems in taking corrective action earlier for life-threatening conditions. In 2010 the AlertMD℠ app was introduced as well as an automated after-hours answering service solution now in use by tens of thousands of providers. The company went on to create products like Cassidi ℠, an intelligent electronic charge capture solution and Margie℠, an automated communications solution. QSimple ℠ is the most recent innovation for AlertMD℠ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for helping healthcare providers implement safe social distancing.

About Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc.

Started in 1996, Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc. is the region's leading provider of advanced GI procedures, including colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. We maintain multiple state-of-the-art facilities throughout Central Ohio with a talented team of specialists that includes 35 doctors, 8 mid-level providers, and over 200 clinical support and administrative staff members. We perform more GI procedures each year than any other provider in our area—delivering the personalized, comfortable care that helps our patients enjoy healthier lives.

About EverCommerce

EverCommerce is the leading service commerce platform, providing the top marketing, business management, and customer retention solutions to more than 400,000 service businesses across the globe. Specializing in Home & Field Services, Health Services, and Fitness & Wellness industries, EverCommerce develops, acquires, and transforms mission-critical software that helps service-based businesses accelerate growth, streamline operations, and increase retention. Its digital and mobile software & payment solutions create predictable, informed, and convenient experiences between customers and their service providers. Learn more at

To view the original article, click here.

For more information, contact AlertMD sales at

3 Ways Charge Capture Software Increases Your Bottom Line

While delivering quality patient care remains the forefront mission of most medical organizations, a high-functioning billing department is what keeps them up and running. A perfected charge capture process that delivers accurate coding and clean claims to payers is what keeps your team employed and your organization’s doors open to patients in need. The issue with inefficient billing processes is that they take time and attention away from providers who aim to focus on patient care. Quality charge capture software will simplify provider workflow, allowing them to spend less time on documentation/billing and more time on the patients they look forward to working with. With the right charge capture software, your team can deliver high-quality care to patients while increasing your organization's bottom line.

How Does Charge Capture Software Increase Revenue?

Introducing the right charge capture software at your practice will not only simplify the billing process but also help your organization see a higher return from payers as a result of more clean claims.


Automated coding processes found in certain charge capture software prevents providers from having to search for diagnoses and procedures to enter for review. Charge capture software automates this process and interprets documents and presents the information for review so providers can save time. This tool auto-fills documentation to reflect the best medical billing codes or each visit, your team then reviews that data to ensure it is the right choice for that particular claim and submits it. This helps promote more clean claims, or claims that are coded accurately at the first submission, therefore they are not denied by the payer.


Quality charge capture software eliminates the need to enter duplicate information across billing and patient chart platforms. The right software solution will automate that process by pulling information directly from the chart on behalf of the requesting provider so that they do not have to. Auto-filling relevant information prevents the provider from having to enter the same information twice while still keeping each process independently accurate. With the most accurate information generating in each claim, your office is more likely to receive on-time and in-full payer reimbursements.


Care coordination is an essential part of your billing process. Having each one of your patient's providers on the same page regarding the patient's care prevents your team from having to review faxes and mail day notifications after an encounter for a patient at risk. Your charge capture software removes this step and replaces it with automated coordination, sending real-time admission, and discharge notifications to the patient's Primary Care Physician, coordinating care in real-time. This ensures your organization is not letting revenue slip through the cracks while improving the quality of the care a patient is receiving.

With quality charge capture software at your organization, your team will not only be able to keep their primary focus on patient care, but your organization will also bring in more revenue. The right software is equipped with automated coding, consult, and coordination processes that help you accomplish your financial goals. To learn more about charge capture software that can help your organization, click here.

What to Look for in A Messaging Platform for Health Systems

In 2020, your organization needs a messaging platform for health systems that has not always existed. With the creation and existence of quality communication technology, there is no reason why your organization should not be able to communicate securely, efficiently, and effectively, no matter where you are. Within health systems, the secure communication of protected health information, patient inquires, questions across departments, and more is essential to not only keeping patients safe but also helping your practice run at a better pace. The ability to digitize all inbound inquiries to your organization, create work queues for remote staff and maintain complete overview while also proving your patients a way to communicate by phone or chat is possible with a quality messaging platform for health systems.

Features of the Messaging Platform for Health Systems You Need:

The right messaging platform for health systems will revolutionize the way your team communicates while keeping all secure data safe from cybersecurity risks.

Data Encryption

Data encryption in the latest messaging platform for health systems is key to making sure no one gets ahold of your practice's data. Quality technology should encrypt all messages and documents shared between users. Built via a private communication channel, this tool should hold encrypted PHI so only authorized users have access to data after verifying their identity at login. This kind of security ensures your team has a safe place to communicate patient health information, informing clinical decisions, and helping your organization run smoothly. This kind of open communication is essential to making sure each person on your team has the information they need to their best work without putting your organization at risk.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance in a messaging platform for health systems is non-negotiable in 2020. You should never have to worry that your practice is at risk for violating HIPAA policies as you utilize important communication structures. With this tool, authenticated users have access to conversations while the software prevents users from saving patient health information to their personal hard drives or forwarding that information to external networks. With these preventative and security measures in place, you can be sure your patient’s information is right where it should be, in the hands of your organization, nowhere else.

Simple User Experience Design

Usability and a simpler to use experience is also essential in your messaging platform for health systems as it offers straightforward and efficient processes for everyone using it. The right technology will enable your providers to use the application while avoiding unnecessary confusion. Much like sending a text or a chat message, your messaging platform for health systems should be easy for everyone within your organization. By making the software easy to use for everyone, your team is less likely to be frustrated by the technology and avoid using unsecured models of communication.

Implementing a quality messaging platform for health systems into your organization will help keep each member of your team connected and secure, enabling them to share important health information and practice data without putting you at risk. To learn more about a messaging platform for health systems that can help you, click here.

Three Rivers Hospital picks QSimple. 12th new customer of the year for AlertMD.

Chicago, IL: Three Rivers Hospital aims to eliminate its waiting lines and give patients freedom and predictability while seeing practitioners via AlertMD's QSimple.

Patients to self-checkin in their parking lots, get arrival reminders and more...

See video for more information, click here.

Consumerism in Healthcare

Your referral and recall volumes are down and yet, your patients demand more. Consumerism drives how you get a cab via an app, how you watch movies in your living room and more.

COVID or no-COVID, what is the return on investment on the rent paid for your waiting room? A big $0! Let us help you innovate...

How it works (see video above):

  1. We pick up 1 hr before the appointment (or a QR code flyer on the door of your ASC/urgent care center). QSimple then reminds the patient to stay in the parking lot and not walk in.

  2. The patient lets the practice know they are in the parking lot

  3. The practice lets them know that they are ready for the patient

  4. After a temperature check/other processes, the patient goes straight into their room.

  5. Helping the patient journey - We handle your workflows from the moment a referral is created, with branded and personalized content to the moment the patient leaves your facility after the visit

Here are comments from schedulers who tried to do it manually before we took over...

  • "I think I am in love with AlertMD and their product"

  • “Oh my gosh this is AMAZING”

  • “I understand now why you speak so highly of AlertMD"

  • “Do we have to wait until tomorrow to start?”

  • “LOVE LOVE LOVE this!”

  • “This is really going to make our jobs easier”

  • “WOW just WOW”

About AlertMD: AlertMD is a mobile health platform with references to verify that we deliver greater patient volume, increased visits, a 100% charge capture rate and a 9-day improvement in cash. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 24,000 customers nationwide. For more information, contact AlertMD sales at

3 Reasons an Appointment Solution for Health Systems in Integral in 2020

An appointment solution for health systems is necessary now more than ever. The making of appointments and the attendance of those appointments is one of the most integral components of the entire healthcare system. When a patient makes an appointment, they go into their provider's office to receive non-emergent medical attention that leads to testing, labs, prescriptions, and many other actions that contribute to an individual’s overall care. Each appointment leads to payer reimbursements and patient payments that fuel your practice's bottom line.

Perfecting your appointment process with an appointment solution for health systems is a vital component and contributor to the overall growth of your organization. With the right solution, your practice can streamline the booking of appointments, improve communication and understanding with patients, create a safe check-in process, and improve the overall patient experience. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold in our nation, this tool is necessary now more than ever before. Keep reading to learn how an appointment solution for health systems is an integral part of any practice in 2020.

How Can an Appointment Solution for Health Systems Make a Difference?

Improved Outreach

The pandemic has prompted a historic decrease in person-to-person contact and communication due to the nature of the coronavirus. Even before the pandemic, individuals everywhere were becoming increasingly reliant on digital forms of communication rather than in-person exchanges. A quality appointment solution for health systems will help your organization improve outreach during a time where normal healthcare interactions have shifted toward digital change.

With an appointment solution for health systems, your team will be able to know who is coming into your building and provide better outreach through tools like hospital branded emails, texts, and phone calls.

Safe Check-in for Everyone

In order to make the check-in processes as safe as possible for everyone coming into your building, a quality appointment solution for health systems will keep your patients and your practice safer from the spread COVID-19. In-car check-ins allow your patients to let your practice know they’re there, visually track themselves in the queue, and be alerted for when it is there turn for a wellness check. Your staff can then come straight to their vehicle and do things like check the patient’s temperature prior to them entering the facility. This safe check-in feature of an automated appointment solution for health systems ensures your team and your patients are staying as safe as possible. In the future, this feature will promote less crowded waiting rooms and shorter wait times for patients who would rather stay in their cars.

Improve the Patient Experience

Lastly, an appointment solution for health systems can help your organizations greatly improve patient satisfaction and patient experience. Rather than making your patients wait in a long line outside your building, you can keep them safe in their vehicles and promote safe in-person interactions and social distancing during COVID-19. Through improved communication and outreach partnered with safe and convenient check-in processes, your patients will be pleased with their experience in your organization. A quality appointment solution for health systems ensures your practice remains organized and cohesive during a time where many patients feel overwhelmed.

To learn more about an appointment solution for health systems that can help you practice perfect its appointment process, click here.

Does Your Organization Need an Automated Messaging System for Hospitals?

In 2020, implementing an automated messaging system for hospitals can make all the difference in your organization. With built-in tools to help you increase patient engagement and improve the patient experience, this tool changes the way your patients receive information. As we keep moving forward in the digital age, it is important to remember that the way patients communicate most affectively has changed drastically over the last 10 years. Now more than ever, digital and text communication tools are an asset to any medical organization. An automated messaging system for hospitals is the next move for any clinic looking to better reach their patients through the exchange of images, videos, interactive responses.

Benefits of an Automated Messaging System for Hospitals Include:

Care Navigation

For patients visiting the hospital for an emergency, surgery, or any other part of their care, it is easy to feel like you have no clue what is going on. As patients wait in their rooms for an update from their clinician, an automated messaging system for hospitals makes it easy to keep them engaged and informed. Care navigation technology guides your patients from pre-procedure, prep time, the day of their procedure, recovery, and more via a friendly automated agent. This ensures that they feel in the loop while their care team works diligently throughout the hospital.

Completely Customizable

A customizable automated messaging system for hospitals in non-negotiable as your organization has its own unique identity. A common concern regarding an automated messaging system for hospitals is that they sound too robotic, cold, or depersonalized. A quality solution will fit perfectly with your organization and is customized and tailored to work for you. With this feature, your hospital can structure the automated messaging to respond just as you would in a number of different situations. Patients will feel like they are talking directly to your team, get what they need, and continue engaging your hospital without overworking your resources.

Automated Updates 24/7

The next benefit of an automated messaging system for hospitals is the updates that your practice can receive and send out 24/7. Physicians and staff can be in the know about the changes happening within your organization with a simple text, ensuring they see it and your entire team is working cohesively toward the same goals. For patients, this feature of an automated messaging system for hospitals makes updating everyone on new programs, events, and more, simple and easy. Available 24/7, this tool makes it easy for providers to keep everyone informed and updated at all times.

Eliminate Hold Times

An automated messaging system for hospitals also makes it possible for your practice to greatly impact patient satisfaction by eliminating hold times, on-hold music, and dropped calls. With text features included in this software, providers can keep their patients informed on when their staff will get in touch with them, or where they are in the queue. Hold times are a notorious barrier to increasing patient satisfaction and engagement, continually deterring patients from contacting or visiting with their providers. By eliminating these barriers, your patients are more likely to stay involved and reach out.

To learn more about an automated messaging system for hospitals that can help your organization increase patient engagement and patient satisfaction, click here.

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