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5 Ways You Can Reach Busy Patients with a Patient Scheduling Software

To engage the modern patient, providers need quality patient scheduling software. Individuals in 2020 have extremely busy schedules. These often cause them to miss annual appointments, follow-up care, procedures, and more. The lack of quality technology tools is causing a severe lack of patient engagement. Today’s patient needs a simple-to-use tool that makes it easy to stay connected to their provider. They are digitally connected in nearly every other area of their life. Whether they are on their phones, watching TV, streaming services, using the internet, and more, technology is the way to engage the patient. Below are 5 ways that a patient scheduling software solution can open up access to scheduling appointments and connect patients.

Patient Scheduling Software:

Online Chat Scheduling

Rather than take up the valuable time of your front-line staff, patient scheduling software can help. Online chat scheduling allows your patients to work with a chatbot online to schedule an appointment. Many companies use some sort of chatbot technology to help their customers. Healthcare providers should use a secure solution as well. From their desktop or mobile device, patients can easily schedule an appointment in just a few simple steps.

Phone chatbot scheduling

Just as they might online, patient scheduling software can help patients over the phone. Your staff can continue to work on critical patient tasks while your patients are taken care of. Phone patient scheduling software makes it easy for your patients to book an appointment. If they have questions, they can always choose to speak to a person, but this tool will free up your staff's time.

Social Media Utilization

A quality patient scheduling software solution gives providers the tools they need to grow. Social media adds and links can be created to better engage the online demographic you hope to bring in. Providers can track information and see their patient base grow. Providers need to engage on social media to some degree if they hope to reach today’s patient. The more interactive you can be online, the more likely new patients will find your organization. This can also be a great place for patients to interact and give reviews. Quality patient scheduling software makes it easy to create and track this data.

For patients who might not find you on social media, your patient scheduling software can still help. Creating print ads with QR codes can be useful for engaging anyone who has a smartphone. Most smartphones are equipped with automatic QR scanners in their camera. This makes it easy to quickly scan a poster and learn more about your organizing.

AI Integration

Lastly, this technology can help your team integrate with AI software like Amazon Alexa. Nearly everyone has an Alexa or a google home in their house. The right patient scheduling software allows your patients to say things like “Alexa, schedule an appointment with my provider.” This makes scheduling appointments incredibly simple and easy to do.

To learn more about quality patient scheduling software, click here.

Major New Customer - Prospect Health Access Network Picks AlertMD

Chicago, IL: Prospect Health Access Network picked AlertMD to improve efficiencies for its provider network.

Margie ROI Image

Is your health system thinking about improved patient access? Contact us to discuss how our platform can help. Case Study - 100% Increase in patient volume - let us discuss! Visit

About AlertMD: AlertMD is a mobile health platform with references to verify that we deliver greater patient volume, increased visits, a 100% charge capture rate and a 9-day improvement in cash. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 27,500 customers nationwide.

For more information, contact AlertMD sales at

27,500 users in our fan club and this awesome review

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AlertMD's growth story continues... We may not be as popular as some Youtubers but 27,500 fans is a nice milestone for us to celebrate, and this 5-Star review from our user

##"AlertMD has been a terrific business partner...I would highly recommend AlertMD..."

Is your health system thinking about improved patient access? Contact us to discuss how our platform can help. Case Study - 100% Increase in patient volume - let us discuss! Visit

p.s: Read all our reviews: Click to see Reviews - including 4 5-star reviews in the last 2 months alone!

About AlertMD: AlertMD is a mobile health platform with references to verify that we deliver greater patient volume, increased visits, a 100% charge capture rate and a 9-day improvement in cash. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 27,500 customers nationwide.

For more information, contact AlertMD sales at

How Home-Centric Health Software Helps Deliver Care, Anywhere.

Providers need to get on board with home-centric health software in 2020. Slowly but surely, digital and remote processes are replacing in-person processes across all industries. Ecommerce slowly overtook in-person retail shopping. Individuals depend on their devices for the majority of their day-to-day activity, especially during the global pandemic. Below are 5 home-centric health software solutions to help your practice deliver care from anywhere.

Formats for Home-Centric Health Software:

The Digital Front Door

A home-centric health software solution will help your organization digitize all inbound inquiries and create a digital front door. A quality front office solution helps keep your practice engaged with patients online. This streamlined patient experience helps your team establish digital work queues that are triaged remotely. This allows more of your staff to work from home which has become essential during the coronavirus pandemic. This can be monitored remotely or within your facility while providing a centralized view for your staff and administration to work from

Field Health Services

Offer care to your community with field-health services home-centric health software. This tool helps healthcare providers to offer care to their community by providing next-generation technology. This way, patients can interact with your health system and request appointments quickly and easily. This includes tools like multilingual patient access, geo-located outreach and selection, and looping in the health system.

Queue Management Solution

Eliminate long-lines and crowded waiting rooms by creating a quality virtual waiting room. This home-centric health software offers providers a unique opportunity to empty their buildings while still maintaining high patient volumes. Monitor and control who is in your building and how long they are waiting for with this queue management tool. Patients can wait from anywhere and are notified on their mobile device when it is time to enter the building for their appointment. They can watch where they are in line for a more positive patient waiting room experience.

Back Office Billing

Back office billing solutions are essential to home-centric health software. The right software offers simplified charge capture processes to simplify the billing process and focus more on their patients. This tool improves productivity and cash flow while reducing clinical billing office (CBO) expenses. Integrated with hospitals, this tool receives patient data and passes the pro-fee back to the practice. Fully automated technology reviews clinical notes and identifies clinically relevant terminology to review and prevent missing charges.

Communications Module

Lastly, your practice needs home-centric health software that offers a quality communication module. This tool functions as a workflow manager and messaging platform. It synchronizes administrators, nurses, care coordinators, case managers, billers, and more to reduce the cost of care for the patient. Automated communication connects your network while remaining HIPAA compliant and providing a single platform for all to use. Providers can communicate efficiently with a home-centric health software solution worth using. Categorized systems sort messaging by urgency, cat formats, teams, services, after-hours contact, protocols and more. This tool can also keep providers in the loop by sending admission and discharge messages to the PCP automatically. Home-centric health software also uses artificial intelligence to parse discharge summaries which allow it to send MACRA elements (care plan, medications, follow-up care, and more).

To learn more about a home-centric health software solution for your organization, click here.

3 Ways Hospitals Can Enhance Their Charge Capture System

Your charge capture system plays an integral role in your revenue cycle. The right billing technology can help you complete charges more accurately and efficiently, eliminate late or missing charges, and improve your revenue. With hospitals having so many moving parts to focus on, an automated and efficient charge capture system can offer peace of mind. With the right solution, your team can worry less about billing and return their focus to quality patient care. The right charge capture can make all the difference to your bottom line in 2020. Below are 3 ways hospitals can enhance their charge capture system this year.

Enhance Your Charge Capture System:

Review their Current Billing Workflow

Inefficient billing workflows can damage a hospital's bottom line. When charges go missing or are submitted passed the deadline, providers miss out on important revenue. Providers should review their current billing workflow to ensure the right charge is being identified at the appropriate time. A quality charge capture system makes this easy. Automated technology ensures that no charge goes unnoticed. Alerting providers at the relevant time, this feature ensures your charges are always submitted on time. This helps to grow your bottom line and streamline your billing process to make it more efficient.

Develop Effective Communication Process

Effective communication processes are essential to a healthy charge capture system. With hospitals having so many moving parts, quality communication is important. Providers should develop a communications process that links teams that are part of charge capture. This should include clinical departments, charge description master, and billing. This ensures everyone is always on the same page and no detail goes unaccounted for. A quality charge capture system makes it easy to stay connected and on the same page so that you can create a healthy revenue-building environment.

Invest in a Quality Charge Capture System

It is time for providers to invest in a quality charge capture system. In an age where technology is allowing us to return our focus to the patients, providers need to get on board. The right charge capture system will help your hospital simplify provider workflows so they can spend less time documentation and more time with their patients. Administrative responsibilities have a huge impact on physician burnout, and quality software can help. With the right system, your team can accurately complete charges without losing sight of what matters most, offering quality patient care.

Providers can enhance their charge capture system by reviewing their current billing workflow and identifying areas that need improvement. The use of automated technology helps hospitals eliminate missing charges and grow their bottom line. With quality technology, providers can keep their billing team connected, access quality tools that streamline their workflow, and increase their payer reimbursement.

The right vendor of charge capture software is ready to offer your team world-class customer support, automated documentation review, and the help you need to enhance your revenue cycle. To learn more about a quality charge capture system available to hospitals, click here.

2 Reasons Why Provider Need a Secure Healthcare Messaging App

In the age of the on-the-go provider, a secure healthcare messaging app can make all the difference. Everyone in the field knows how important security is to the communication of protected health information. In an effort to keep patient data secure and out of the wrong hands, sometimes lose important access. If information is not readily available, or the appropriate person is not nearby, providers have to work with what they have. With a secure healthcare messaging app, the provider never has to worry. Providers can communicate effectively while still moving from room to room without compromising security.

The Importance of the Mobile Healthcare Messaging App:

HIPAA Compliance

When a provider needs information, they sometimes feel tempted to turn to non-secure methods to get what they need. These temptations often exist in the form of sending a quick text message on their personal device or calling their team on their personal cell phone. This form of communication is not HIPAA compliant and puts protected patient health information in the way of cybersecurity risks.

A quality healthcare messaging app on a secure device allows providers this secure way of communication without the risk. Non-compliance fees can build up quickly. Using a quality communication method ensures messages are delivered through end-to-end encryption. HIPAA compliant and protected at all times, you never have to worry that the wrong person might get their hands on important data. A healthcare messaging app offers providers a simple way to communicate that functions much like a text or instant message.

This removes the temptation they might feel to use their personal device to communicate. It also improves access to information by giving your team a more efficient and accurate way to communicate, improving the quality of patient care your team is able to offer.

Growth and Productivity

A fully-connected team offers the chance for providers to optimize their future of growth and productivity. Eliminating slow loading software and replacing it with a secure healthcare messaging app, providers gain a workflow manager and messaging platform in one. This synchronizes administrators, nurses, care coordinators, case managers, billers, and more.

This interconnectivity ensures that every member of your team has efficient access to the others. This improves productivity and reduces the cost of care throughout the entire care process.

A healthcare messaging app offered by a quality vendor helps to prioritize and organization communications within your organization so that your entire team is working as one piece rather than multiple moving parts.

In an age where nearly everyone depends on mobile technology, your providers need it too. A quality healthcare messaging app offer convenience, efficiency, growth and productivity in a way that will help your organization grow. Through streamlined communication, you can improve the quality of patient care, patient engagement, and the patient experience.

Not every healthcare messaging app is the same. Your organization needs to partner with a quality vendor to make sure you are gaining the best technology possible. To learn more about a quality healthcare messaging app, click here.

Ohio ENT Associates Signs up with AlertMD

Chicago, IL: Ohio ENT & Allergy Associates signs up to use AlertMD.

The 14th client of the year...

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Is your health system thinking about improved patient access? Contact us to discuss how our platform can help. Case Study - 100% Increase in patient volume - let us discuss! Visit

About AlertMD: AlertMD is a mobile health platform with references to verify that we deliver greater patient volume, increased visits, a 100% charge capture rate and a 9-day improvement in cash. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 25,000 customers nationwide.

For more information, contact AlertMD sales at

7 Ways a Home-Centric Health Solution Can Modernize Your Health System

Home-centric health can modernize your health system. Modernizing a health system and offering next-generation technology for patients is critical to remaining competitive and relevant in 2020. In order to meet the expectations and digital demands of the modern individual, health systems need to make some structural changes. Below are 7 ways that a home-centric health solution can modernize your health system.

Impact of Home-Centric Health Solutions

Expanded Patient Access

Flexibility and variability in how patients can access their care and providers are essential. A home-centric health solution can offer patients expanded access. Whether it be to schedule an appointment or request a refill, patients have options for how they can stay engaged. A quality solution will offer individuals access through voice, chatbot, web, phone, and more. This is critical to improving patient engagement and patient experience.

Easily Find a Provider

A flexible home-centric health solution makes it easy for patients to find a provider in your system. After the patient request is submitted, geo-coding helps to alert where the nearest provider and locations are. Whether you are at a fixed location, like a clinic, or in a mobile pod, home health vehicle, or subscribed to geo-code patient requests, your system adapts.

Automated Communication

Automated communication is non-negotiable for today’s providers. A home-centric health solution offers appointment reminders, procedure prep instructions, and more through automated technology. These details are sent out days in advance via email, text, or phone call. This is important for preparing your patients for their visit and is exceptionally useful in today's ever-changing medical landscape.

Digital Queueing or Home-Visits

Digital queueing and home-visits are more relevant now than ever before in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The need for social distancing and keeping patients safe from the virus has become the top safety priority across many organizations. This technology enables your facility to easily adhere to social distancing guidelines by taking the waiting room and making it digital and automated. Providers can also visit the patient at home and get the address right from their approved and secure mobile device to enable field-health services. This home-centric health solution is helping providers and patients stay safe now and after the pandemic.

Documentation and Billing

After the visit is over, charge capture solutions simplify the provider workflow. This enables them to spend less time on documentation and assists hardworking coders with the billing process. An automated home-centric health solution makes billing fast, accurate, and easy while helping providers increase clean claims and grow their bottom line.

Recovery and Follow Up

Automated charge capture has revolutionized the billing process for providers everywhere. AI charge capture ensures your charges are coded accurately from the start. This helps streamline the charge capture process for providers while also making the review process more efficient. This helps providers focus more on patient care while also optimizing your revenue cycle.

Reduced Load on Clinical Staff

Lastly, a home-centric health solution simplifies recovery and follow-up care. After the visit is completed, providers can easily send up follow-up care instructions to patients as well as visit surveys to boost your health system’s 5-star rating. This increase in patient reviews helps bring more patients through your doors and grow your organization as a whole.

To learn more about a quality home-centric health solution, click here.

Why Health Systems Should Invest in Healthcare Automation in 2020

Healthcare automation is the future of cost efficiency and meeting patient expectations. In 2020, nearly everything we encounter involves some sort of automated process. Patients everywhere are searching for digital solutions and providers need them to keep their heads above water. In a healthcare culture where we are seeing an increase in physician burnout and a decrease in patient engagement, it is time for your practice to consider implementing different forms of healthcare automation in 2020. Not only will it bring your practice up to date with the current technological demands of today's world, but it will also help your practice achieve record-high efficiency, patient engagement, and more.

What Health Systems are Facing in 2020:

Increased Administrative Costs

The cost of staff and manual labor are increasing as the medical field becomes more complex. Administrative costs are rising to the point that providers are struggling to keep up. Healthcare automation reduces staffing costs across the board.

Growing Patient Expectations

Patients in today’s world expect efficient digital processes from their providers. Their expectations are only growing as younger generations become more accustomed to a certain level of technology in their lives. Healthcare automation helps providers exceed patient expectations.

Increasing Clinician Burnout

Physician burnout has been on the rise in the last few years as providers feel overworked and desensitized to the demands of their job. Healthcare automation streamlines different provider tasks so providers can focus on quality patient care.

How Healthcare Automation Can Make a Difference:

Digital Patient Intake

Patient registration and intake become much easier with healthcare automation technology. Integrated with your practice software, patients can complete their forms online. This offers patients the digital solutions they are looking for while also decreasing wait times, eliminating problematic transcription processes, and freeing up your staff’s time.

Provider Documentation

Healthcare automation technology streamlines provider documentation. Customizable templates and integrated technology make sure your providers do not need to spend hours in front of their computers. With the right vendor, your physicians can document more accurately and efficiently, reducing their administrative burden.

Charge Capture

Automated charge capture has revolutionized the billing process for providers everywhere. AI charge capture ensures your charges are coded accurately from the start. This helps streamline the charge capture process for providers while also making the review process more efficient. This helps providers focus more on patient care while also optimizing your revenue cycle.

Reduced Load on Clinical Staff

With a multitude of digital processes replacing outdated traditional processes, healthcare automation reduces the workload on your clinical staff. Enabling them to breeze through different administrative tasks like documentation and billing, your clinical staff can refocus on what matters the most to them, patient care. Implementing the right technology can help reduce burnout across your entire staff, creating a healthier work environment where your entire team can thrive.

Only the right vendor of healthcare automation technology can truly make a difference to your organization. To learn more about a quality vendor that can help your team reach peak productivity while increasing patient satisfaction, click here.

Athletico Brings the Provider Home with AlertMD

Chicago, IL: Athletico brings providers to the patient's home via Margie.

Margie ROI Image

"We are very pleased to work with AlertMD to bring physical and occupational therapy to the patient's home. AlertMD made it easy to improve patient access."

  • Colin Crawford, Director of Home Therapy.

Case Study - 100% Increase in patient volume - let us discuss!

Is your health system thinking about improved patient access? Contact us to discuss how Margie can help. Here is our thesis on home-centric health:

Want to get home therapy from Athletico? Or want to refer a patient for home OT/PT? Visit

Note - this will send a geo-coded message to local therapists - it is a LIVE system!

About AlertMD: AlertMD is a mobile health platform with references to verify that we deliver greater patient volume, increased visits, a 100% charge capture rate and a 9-day improvement in cash. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 25,000 customers nationwide. For more information, contact AlertMD sales at

How a Front Office Solution for Health Systems Improves Patient Engagement

A quality front office solution for health systems can help your practice improve patient engagement. In 2020, patients everywhere are hoping to see the use of quality technology from their providers. Patients receive the convenience and benefit of technological advancements in nearly every other area of their life. They pay their bills online. They ask Siri for directions. They use social media to keep track of loved ones. The use of technology is woven throughout every individual's experience. Today’s patient wants to see the same digital and virtual solutions from their healthcare providers. A front office solution for health systems may be the answer to increasing patient engagement at your organization.

Why is Improving Patient Engagement Important?

Patient engagement is the level at which an individual is involved in their own medical experience. It involves how often they interact with their providers, how often they come in for visits, how often they complete testing, and how often they ask questions. The reason patient engagement is so important is that the more involved a patient is in their care, the more likely they are to achieve a quality outcome. Patients who are more involved are more likely to address red-flags in their health as they appear and take preventative steps toward a healthy life. A front office solution for health systems helps improve patient engagement by meeting the technological demands of the modern patient so that it is easy for them to be involved.

How a Front Office Solution for Health Systems Can Help:

AI technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology included in a front office solution for health systems can be a great help. Including things like Siri, Google Assistant, and more, AI technology makes it easy for patients to get involved in their care. This tool simplifies the process of answering patient inquiries in a timely fashion so that patients do not have to wait for the answers they are looking for. Tied to your front office solution for health systems, staff can use this tool to quickly address inquiries.

Chatbot Technology

Automated chatbot technology in your front office solution for health systems is another essential piece to the puzzle. This tool uses auto-responses tailored to the identity of your practice to help patients quickly complete different tasks.

For example, if a patient needs to schedule an appointment or refill a prescription, this tool helps them accomplish this. By removing long hold-times or confusing interactions, this feature of a quality front office solution for health systems makes staying engaged a simple process.

Not only this, but utilizing this tool helps create an efficient office environment while simultaneously engaging your patients. Freeing up your front-line staff from answering inbound inquiries on the phone, they can now focus on other critical tasks. This tool helps you do more with your time while improving the patient experience.

Technology is the future of patient engagement. With the right front office solution for health systems, providers can give patients a better healthcare experience, help them get involved, and improve efficiency within their organization. To learn more about a quality solution, click here.

4 Things to Look for in a Charge Capture Software Vendor

The vendor you partner with matters when choosing the right charge capture software for your practice. Without a quality partner, you and your team will have a much harder time learning the new technology. Not only this, but a quality vendor can offer unique tools, solutions, and assistance that help you optimize your workflow and revenue. Once you find a quality vendor of charge capture software, your team gains access to tools that help you code more effectively, document more efficiently, and get the support you need in an instant. Below are 4 things to look for in a charge capture software vendor.

What to Look for In a Charge Capture Software Vendor:

Automatic Documentation Review

Automated technology is the key to increasing productivity and efficiency within your organization. The problem is, not all automated software can be trusted. The right vendor of charge capture software will offer the ability to perform automatic reviews of clinical documentation, the right way. Always updated with the most accurate and up-to-date processes, your practice can achieve peace-of-mind. With this tool, your team can document more efficiently while also ensuring accuracy throughout each step. Without an automated tool, your vendor cannot help you optimize your workflow.

Bill Audits

Providers lose thousands in revenue each year from missing charges and errors in medical billing codes. Even when your team is doing their best work, important details can still slip through the cracks, causing you to miss out on payments. Your vendor of charge capture software should audit 100% of bills. Doing so will help to identify missing charges and errors in coding. By catching these mistakes in their tracks, your team can quickly correct them and bring in more on-time payments. This feature of charge capture software is essential to streamlining your claims process and seeing a higher return from payers.

Hospital Integration

For providers who work both in the practice and hospital setting, your charge capture software should simplify the billing process. Integrated with the hospitals your providers work at, you can easily receive patient data and pass the pro-fee bills back to the practice. This feature divides the hospital charges from the pro-fee charges, so the appropriate party gets paid. This ensures that there are no delays in communication or submission that causes your organization to see a delay in payment.

24/7 World-Class Support

The most important thing to look for in a vendor of charge capture software is 24/7 world-class support. From the time of implementation through any questions your team might have, it is important that you can get the help you need in an instant. 24/7 support from your vendor ensures your team never experiences delays in their workflow when questions or problems come up. Those questions are quickly addressed and resolved so your team can keep working.

A quality vendor makes all the difference when choosing what charge capture software to implement. To learn more about a quality vendor that can help you, click here.

What’s Important in a Secure Messaging Platform for Health Systems in 2020?

Implementing a secure messaging platform for health systems is essential in 2020. With a wide variety of products on the market, it can be hard to know where exactly to start. Figuring out what features matter to your practice and your patients is the first step. With the right messaging platform for health systems, you can better engage patients and improve the overall communication of those in your organization. Keep reading to learn what patients want to see from their providers and what features should be important to your practice.

Why Do Patients Want in a Messaging Platform for Health Systems?

Mobile Solution

Mobile use is important to patients in 2020. With almost every other process available from their smartphone, individuals are wondering when their medical providers will catch up. Mobile solutions that offer in-app appointment bookings allow patients to remain thoughtfully engaged with their healthcare providers. On the go, they can quickly contact their provider, book an appointment, and view other important details regarding their care.

Messaging Functionality

Messaging functionality is non-negotiable in today’s messaging platform for health systems. Without it, it is extremely difficult for patients to stay engaged and involved in their care. When new details in their care come up or they have questions about their appointments, they need an easy way to reach out. Messaging functionality in the mobile solution makes this possible.

Ease of Use

A simple to use solution is also necessary for today's software. In order to cater to all patients, not just tech-savvy demographics, you need an easy to use messaging platform for health systems. Usability ensures your patients can effectively utilize the tool for their health benefits.

What Do Providers Need?

HIPAA Compliant Platform

A HIPAA compliant platform is necessary to adhere to federal and state security regulations. You need to have peace of mind that your practice data is safe from cybersecurity risks. Partnering with its right vendor of a messaging platform for health systems makes the difference in the security of your software. HIPAA compliant technology will protect you from any security threats.

Device Security

A common temptation providers have when it comes time to communicate with other members of their organization is to use their phone. A quick text or email is a lot easier than running around your building trying to track down the right person. The problem with this is that it opens your practice up to a wide variety of security risks. Should an unauthorized individual get ahold of the information communicated by cell-phone, your practice is suddenly in danger. In order to offer your team the convenience of a text or email, you need a HIPAA compliant messaging platform for health systems. This offers mobile device security that helps your team work more efficiently without putting you at risk. With this tool, providers can easily communicate to others within the organization and get what they need to keep doing their best work.

To learn more about a secure messaging platform for health systems, click here.

Increase Patient Engagement with a Front Office Solution for Health Systems

In order to increase patient engagement effectively, you need a digital front office solution for health systems. With the right tools and technology, you can create a well-developed patient experience that promotes involvement. With the development of positive patient communication and health behaviors, implementing a quality front office solution for health systems can actually lead your organization to more positive patient results. Cultivating a positive patient-centered experience will also promote an increase in new patients and revenue. Below are 4 features of a quality digital front office solution for health systems that can help you increase patient engagement.

Front Office Solution for Health Systems

Digital Front Door

Availability and accessibility are two of the most important characteristics patients express wanting in a healthcare provider. Whether they cannot get ahold of their provider or cannot seem to find an appointment that works for them, lack of these features leads to poor patient interaction. With a digital front office solution for health systems, your practice opens a centralized front door where patients can easily access and assess the calendar of your organization, and learn more about your organization. With a digital front door, providers can give patients the availability and accessibility they desire in their healthcare experience and improve patient engagement along the way.

Centralized Messaging System

Communication and coordination are vital to improving patient engagement. Without a simple way to reach patients and the other way around, patients will fall under the radar and slip through the cracks. A front office solution for health systems can help your team quickly and effectively communicate with important information regarding upcoming visits or practice policies. Through phone, chatbot, and messaging systems, your practice can send images, videos, and interactive responses to patients to increase engagement. This tool is tailored to the voice of your organization and offers important care navigation features and patient update capabilities. This tool encourages simple communication between providers and their patients that ensure a consistent state of connectivity.

Automated Prescriptions

A front office solution for health systems can also prove useful when it comes time for your patients to request prescription refills. With this tool, patients can quickly complete automated prescription requests. This tool helps set expectations for the patient, manage requests, and keep patients informed, in real-time, about the status of their request. A quality front office solution for health systems ensures this automated process is as natural and seamless as possible, so your patients feel engaged with your practice.

Digital Appointment Requests

Lastly, a front office solution for health systems enables increased patient engagement by offering quality and customizable self-service appointment process. Increasing your patient volumes with ease, this tool simplifies scheduling for everyone involved. With added features like picture attachment and information and insurance update capabilities, your office can quickly collect patient data with just a few clicks.

A digital front office solution for health systems increases patient engagement by offering patients a cohesive and simple digital experience without disconnecting them from your organization. To learn more about a tool that can help increase patient engagement at your organization, click here.

Why Healthcare Communication Platforms are being utilized by Health Systems in 2020

In 2020, providers need a healthcare communication platform in order to interact effectively. As more and more processes in healthcare become digital, so should healthcare communication platforms. There has been a significant increase in the number of health systems investing in smartphones and secure mobile communication to drive and improve clinical transformation and address the mission of patient-critical communication. Keep reading to find out why.

Common Challenges in Healthcare Communication:

Too Much Information

Traditional methods of in-organization communication are overwhelming and ineffective in the long run. Missed pages or missed calls lead providers to feel overloaded with information later resulting in poor communication and a negative impact on patient care. Providers need a centralized hub of communication that is easily accessible like a healthcare communication platform.

Lack of Standardization

Without one single way to securely communicate information across your organization, providers are left to find the way they feel works best for them. Unfortunately, these are not often the most secure ways of communication and could put important data at risk of being lost of falling in the wrong hands.

Poor Technology

Poor technology is also a common challenge provider face. While there may be a way to message a team-member, there is no guarantee they will see it or notice it in time.

Lack of Security

Security is everything in the communication of information between healthcare providers. Without the right measures in place, your organization can quickly fall victim to cybersecurity risks.

How a Healthcare Communication Platform is Making a Difference:

Automated Communication

Automation is everything and with a quality healthcare communication platform, your team can streamline all communications. This tool offers a care coordination module that is a workflow manager and a messaging platform, synchronizing administrators, nurses, care coordinators, case managers, and billers to reduce the cost of care. With a healthcare communication platform, your team can communicate data effectively.

Improve Mobile Security

Mobile use is incredibly important if you wish to encourage frequent communication across your team without sacrificing efficiency and access. Dissuading your team from using their own personal devices to exchange information, a healthcare communication platform gives your mobile security. With this tool, providers can easily message on the go without putting your practice at risk.

Outstanding Connectivity

Lastly, a healthcare communication platform will connect every point of your practice to encourage a healthy and secure exchange of data that promotes productivity and positive patient experience. Covering all essential medical workflows while being HIPAA Compliant, your health network has a single and standardized platform for all to use. Messaging features including urgent messaging, chat messaging, team messaging, services messaging, after-hours messaging, and protocol messaging ensure optimal communication connectivity.

With a quality healthcare communication platform, your team can now effectively and securely exchange private data within your organization. Simplifying the exchange of information will lead to improving clinical decisions, a better patient experience, and an increase in productivity across the board. To learn more about a healthcare communication platform that could help your organization, click here.

Field Workforce Solutions – An Overview

There are many macroeconomic trends that compel industries that historically waited for the customer to come to their location, to instead, invert the business model and have the service come to the customer. Retail has largely ceded to e-commerce. In other industries, the shift has started but not matured yet. Part of the reason why is because the solutions used to manage a mobile workforce, identify the closest resource who can satisfy a demand, etc., are not easy to purchase or are prohibitively expensive to build. AlertMD has created a field workforce solution that is industry-agnostic, inexpensive and enables a business to rapidly adapt to new realities.

There are 3 parts to the process:

1. Connecting with the customer

Margie®, our chatbot, resides on your website, on Facebook, Twitter, Alexa, etc., and enables the customer to request your services at their home. Here is a preview of the customer workflow

Margie on Web

Margie®, on the web

Margie on Transit

Margie®, on transit

Margie on Print

Margie®, on print ads

Margie on Social Media

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2. Geo-located Resource Outreach and Selection

As your resources sign up to receive notifications of customer demand where they are, the rest of the workflow kicks in. Using a geocoded coverage map of resource locations and your brick and mortar addresses, we get to work. Acting like popular ride-sharing apps, the system detects your closest facilities and your closest employees/resources to find good candidates to assist the customer. The customer demand is communicated to all qualifying resources in exponential outward circles until it is accepted or abandoned.

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Your Geo-coded Locations

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Demand Accepted (turns green)

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Your team in range gets the message

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Your team member sees details

3. Closing the Loop with Brick-and-Mortar

When a resource accepts the customer request, a designated brick-and-mortar location near the customer can get a notification. This may be useful to validate payments, registration, etc. Automated workflows ensure that communication fluidly moves back and forth.

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Brick-and-mortar gets notification

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Brick-and-mortar monitors and completes

4. The moral of the story

If you have not already evolved into a field workforce with brick-and-mortar support, you will soon (or you will watch your competition do it to your peril).

“Drone delivery operator” is probably a real job title for a high school kid working a Summer job at a pizza shop in the next few years. The future is coming at you at full speed.

Are you ready to adapt and thrive?

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How AI Can Improve A Health Systems Charge Capture Process

78 percent of healthcare executives characterize charge captures as “essential” to their organization’s success, yet 40% discuss it once a month or less. With providers bearing much of the coding responsibility, automated processes are essential to ensure your claims are filed accurately. The more accurate or “clean” claims you submit, the higher return you will see as fewer claims end up denied. A perfected, AI-powered solution can not only enable more clean claims but also lessens missing charges and improves efficiency across all billing outlets. Integrated with your practice Electronic Health Record, AI can improve your charge capture process.

Improve Workflow and Revenue with AI-Powered Charge Capture:


An automated charge capture solution partners with your Electronic Health Record to simplify and streamline the documentation process. While providers are completing their required documentation, they can now complete charges from the same place. With everything in one spot, providers reach peak efficiency in their daily workflow while coding more accurately than ever before. This kind of automation and integration enable providers more room for specificity when detailing the descriptions required for their coding processes.


A quality charge capture solution enables providers to work on the go. For providers who are meeting with and treating patients outside of the office, a mobile solution ensures a sound and accurate billing process. In the past, providers would have to wait until they returned to the office to document and submit claims. Mobile technology helps providers to securely communicate protected information at the time of service. Automated and AI-powered technology prompt provider with the most appropriate medical billing codes for that visit to ensure more clean claims. A quality vendor should work with facilities to put their patient list in an easy-to-use mobile platform and integrate with hospitals to receive patient data, passing the pro-fee bills back to the practice.

Fast Turnaround

Providers who utilize an automated charge capture process will see a fast turnaround on payer reimbursements compared to paper processes. AI-powered technology takes charges and sends them to billers right at the end of a visit. These claims are coded accurately the first time and help your practice avoid time-consuming and costly denials. This tool can help decrease the about of time your accounts spend in AR, help your provider accomplish more in their day, and lead to more on-time and in-full payments.

Failing to capture a charge and forward it to billers leads to large financial loss. In a time where accurate coding falls primarily on the provider rather than their billing team, a charge capture solution is necessary to see financial growth and an overall increase in efficiency. With the right solution, your providers can complete their documenting and charge capture processes in one, your team can accurately capture charges on the go, and your practice can see an improvement in its bottom line. To learn more about a quality charge capture solution that can help your organization grow,

To learn more about a front office solution for health systems that digitizes interactions during the pandemic, click here.

Front Office Solution for Health Systems: Digitizing Interactions During Social Distancing

With a front office solution for health systems, providers can digitize over 50% of their interactions with patients. During the world-wide coronavirus pandemic, providers everywhere are working diligently to find safer ways to continue caring for their patients who depend on it. One of the best ways to minimize in-person interactions across your organization without discouraging patient encounters is to utilize digital platforms as much as possible. Some of the most popular tools providers have turned to during this time have been telehealth, queue management solutions, and front office solution for health systems. With quality technology on their side, providers are still able to communicate and work with patients while adhering to important social distancing regulations.

Digitizing Interactions:

Digitize Inbound Inquiries

Each day, your staff manages a host of inbound inquiries from patients and partners such as appointment requests, prescription refills, and more. With a front office solution for health systems, your practice can automate the majority of these processes using digital tools. Your front office solution for health systems should equip your organization with an automated phone, chatbot, and messaging system that can help limit interactions with front-office staff.

This will not only limit face-to-face interactions and minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, but it will also enable your organization to work more efficiently and complete more in their day. Tailored directly to the voice and identity of your organization, a front office solution for health systems will ensure your patients get what they need now and after the pandemic. While your patients get their needs met, your front office staff can focus on more pressing tasks.

Staff Work Queues

With so much happening, it is important for your organization to find new ways to stay organized and working efficiently. A front office solution for health systems will provide your team will a well-structured digital work queue that are triaged in different homes by remote staff. This allows as much of your staff as possible to continue working from home through the remainder of the pandemic and adhere to social distancing guidelines without sacrificing the quality and the rate at which work is completed.

Other Benefits of a Front Office Solution for Health Systems:

Improved Patient Experience and Connection

Helping your patients feel as connected as possible plays an important roll in their overall experience with your organization. With a front office solution for health systems, your organization can improve the patient experience by freeing up the lines of communication and streamlining processes through digital interactions. Patients can avoid frustrating hold times and get the answers they need from an automated system much faster than the traditional call or in-person interaction. The automated system works with your patient portal to ensure smooth scheduling processes and more. With responses that sound like they are coming directly from your team, your patients are more likely to feel seen and attended to, improving their overall impression of your organization and improving the patient experience.

To learn more about a front office solution for health systems that digitizes interactions during the pandemic, click here.

Cascade Medical Center Picks QSimple. 13th New Customer of the Year for AlertMD.

Chicago, IL: Cascade Medical Center aims to eliminate its waiting lines and give patients freedom and predictability while seeing practitioners via AlertMD's QSimple.

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QSimple Demo - Patients to self-checkin in their parking lots, get arrival reminders and more... See video for more information, click here.

About AlertMD: AlertMD is a mobile health platform with references to verify that we deliver greater patient volume, increased visits, a 100% charge capture rate and a 9-day improvement in cash. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 24,000 customers nationwide. For more information, contact AlertMD sales at

Ohio Gastroenterology Group Recovers Clinic Volumes with Digital Front Office and Queuing Solution

CHICAGO, July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AlertMD, a subsidiary of EverCommerce and leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc. and implemented two of its solutions to promote re-opening best practices and increase the still-suppressed patient volumes to pre-COVID19 numbers. Most recently, the clinic was able to increase its patient volumes to 91% of pre-pandemic numbers in just 16 days after re-opening. By implementing the two AlertMD℠ solutions, the clinic allows patients to stay safely in their car until the doctor is ready to see them using the QSimple℠ digital queuing solution and receive automated multi-device communications using Margie℠.

Margie℠ – a phone, chatbot, and messaging system – sends images, videos, and interactive responses to patients to educate them and relieve fears of coming back to the office. QSimple℠ provides a method for the patient to wait in the car before checking them in, bringing them in only when the practice is ready.

"What we see is that even though in-patient volumes have gone back to pre-pandemic numbers, clinic volumes are vastly depressed and even if you add in telehealth volumes, the total volume is not back to where it was before COVID," said Badri Narasimhan, President of AlertMD℠. "We believe a big part of the problem is the latent fear patients have based on lack of education. Through the Margie℠ and QSimple℠ platforms, practices can have an automated system that educates patients of precautionary measures in place, while helping enforce appropriate social distancing at the time of the appointment."

"Our partnership with AlertMD has enabled us to make data-driven decisions in healthcare – to benefit the patients who need the most care and to help us rebuild volume and restore confidence in the community," said Dr. Reddy of Ohio Gastroenterology. He then added, "AlertMD helped us evaluate our data and understand where our volume came from. We were able to contact past referrals and cancelled appointments and identify the patients most likely to schedule appointments to rebuild volume. We went from reopening day to over 91% of our peak volume pre-COVID with their help in 16 days."

As Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc., continues to use the Margie℠ and QSimple℠ products, they are confident they will return to 100% of pre-pandemic volumes and grow beyond that level by increasing the number of referrals that choose to make their appointments using these digital, streamlined services. AlertMD℠ is excited to take both products to practices of all specialties across the U.S. Both AlertMD℠ and Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc., will be offering an educational webinar to share their experience in improving patient volumes on July 15, 2020. To attend, register here: The Journey to Rebuild Ambulatory /ASC Volumes

About AlertMD

AlertMD℠ is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and was founded in 2008 by providing data analytics and predictive modeling to help hospitals understand leading indicators of adverse events. This data assisted health systems in taking corrective action earlier for life-threatening conditions. In 2010 the AlertMD℠ app was introduced as well as an automated after-hours answering service solution now in use by tens of thousands of providers. The company went on to create products like Cassidi ℠, an intelligent electronic charge capture solution and Margie℠, an automated communications solution. QSimple ℠ is the most recent innovation for AlertMD℠ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for helping healthcare providers implement safe social distancing.

About Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc.

Started in 1996, Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc. is the region's leading provider of advanced GI procedures, including colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. We maintain multiple state-of-the-art facilities throughout Central Ohio with a talented team of specialists that includes 35 doctors, 8 mid-level providers, and over 200 clinical support and administrative staff members. We perform more GI procedures each year than any other provider in our area—delivering the personalized, comfortable care that helps our patients enjoy healthier lives.

About EverCommerce

EverCommerce is the leading service commerce platform, providing the top marketing, business management, and customer retention solutions to more than 400,000 service businesses across the globe. Specializing in Home & Field Services, Health Services, and Fitness & Wellness industries, EverCommerce develops, acquires, and transforms mission-critical software that helps service-based businesses accelerate growth, streamline operations, and increase retention. Its digital and mobile software & payment solutions create predictable, informed, and convenient experiences between customers and their service providers. Learn more at

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For more information, contact AlertMD sales at

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