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Field-Health Services

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How Can We Enable Field-Health Services?

Multilingual Patient Access

AlertMD's intelligent agent, Margie℠, helps health systems innovate in home health. For example, a patient can visit your site or call the main number to request a home health provider.

Geo-located Outreach and Selection

Using a geo-coded map of facility addresses, AlertMD acts like popular ride-sharing apps by detecting the closest facilities and providers to find suitable candidates for the requested home health visit. The patient request is communicated to all qualifying providers in exponential outward circles until the referrals are accepted or abandoned.

Looping in the Health System

When a provider accepts a home health request, the health system receives a notification. The staff can then contact the patient to validate their insurance and schedule the appointment.

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Confirmation and Closing the Loop

After the appointment is booked, the health system closes the request, and the provider receives a notification that the appointment has been scheduled, and they can contact the patient if needed.

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Modernizing the Home-Centric Health Experience

In today's world, a person can order or request almost anything on the internet, but the healthcare landscape remains relatively unchanged. Modernize your health system and offer next-generation technology so patients can interact with your health system and request appointments in a quick and easy manner.

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