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Dramatic New Product Released by AlertMD

AlertMD does it again! A new automated feature, AutoCode by AlertMD has has automated billing in the OR and providers are loving it!

"This is AMAZING – the new product will make my life so much simpler at the hospital now."

- Dr. Raghu Reddy, Ohio Gastroenterology

The procedure he did this morning was coded and the operating report was loaded back into his office for review by his billers by the time he got out of his scrubs in the OR.

AlertMD derived the procedure codes for pro-fee billing, extracted the procedure note, submitted the note to the practice billing team, auto-inserted the procedure codes into the mobile solution, and submitted the codes for review to the practice billers. One procedure note and Dr. Reddy was done with his billing!

This solution has the following advantages:

  1. It provides 100% consistency between the hospital version of the coding and the clinical version.
  2. It insures that your providers will not forget to bill for their procedures – which in turn increases their loyalty to you.
  3. There are clear firewalls, and the physicians will pay for their economic value. The hospital’s role is to offer an efficient workplace for procedures.

Questions? Reach out to Badri Narasimhan at

AlertMD's ICD10 Implementation Declared Amazing

AlertMD announces yet another customer while also receiving an ultimate compliment on ICD10.

AlertMD announces Cascade Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine as a new client today, and on the same day, an AlertMD user posted the following in the AppStore.

"Like a Ferrari with turbo boost... AlertMD makes the transition much smoother."

- Anonymous iPhone user

AlertMD is thrilled that its users are loving all of the unique and innovative features it has to offer. Stay tuned for more new clients and features because AlertMD is on a roll!

More about AlertMD:

AlertMD has 16 mobile add-on modules, each of which can be used a-la-carte. We add comprehensive value to our customers. How do you accomplish the goals above? Pens, papers, faxes, voicemails, etc.?

Here is is what we can do for you:

a) Our simple 7-second charge capture platform with ICD10 compliance, which has delivered 7-16% increase in revenue and 11 days increase in cash b) A secure texting platform for providers c) An image transfer mechanism for providers to securely send pictures d) A voice-based browser for ICD10 e) A unique ACO platform for those bearing risk – our ground-breaking tagger that highlights exactly the patients that need the user’s attention – e.g., follow up care needed, readmission, high utilization and more to the appropriate users such as care coordinators, outpatient administrators, providers and more, including a VTE-prevention platform that has reduced VTEs by 90% at a facility in IL f) A comprehensive analytics package including productivity reports, admission reports, efficiency metrics, transition of care analytics and more – already proven to reduce readmissions by 50% in multiple implementations g) An early warning to detect when utilization is not on par with documentation h) A nurse productivity module i) A case-mix index alert based on utilization and DRG j) Readmission alerts

And the list keeps growing!

Let us help you realize more value – contact to learn more.

Mobile Alerts to Improve Workflow

A major provider of physician services, Geographic information science (GIS) systems, has joined the AlertMD network.

AlertMD’s workflows are provided using a mobile platform and a rules engine and they deliver the following value:

  • Readmission — How about an alert to your team when a full risk patient who was admitted 11 days ago is in the ED so your team can be part of the admission decision? Readmission penalty is 50% more in the 2015 fiscal year. These alerts are expected to add value equalling around $800,000 for an average hospital.

  • Case Mix/Utilization for Risk Pools – How would your efficiencies change if you could give your case managers a pro-active, real-time, mobile alert when utilization approaches the GLOS based on the real-time DRG? Prioritize the UM review list by the highest impact first and much more. Care coordination alerts and more. Expected ROI = $3M/ year/ hospital.

  • Charge Capture for Employed Physicians – We deliver a 7-16% increase in pro fee revenue and a 9 day acceleration in cash flow to your employed practice – $14,000 per physician/month in aggregate.

  • CCM Solutions – Are you ready to capture $49.76/patient/month starting 1/1/2015 for the CCM codes? If 10% of an average employed practice patients converted to CCM enhanced care per CMS guidelines, you could add $18M/ year to your revenue. Ask us how we support your burden of proof for such enhanced care.

Your practice can benefit from several customizable, real-time, mobile alerts that are timely and actionable.

Contact Badri Narasimhan,, for a 20-min webinar to learn more.

Wall Street and Main Street Experience Now in AlertMD

Alert MD is proud to welcome Richard A. Fisher, an industry veteran, as a new Board member and the new President of Hospital & Government Affairs.

In this role, Richard A. Fisher will be responsible for setting the growth and business development strategy of AlertMD’s proprietary mobile platform. "We are so glad to add someone of Fisher’s caliber to our team," said Badri Narasimhan, Chairman & CEO. "We strongly believe that his expertise and background will perfectly mesh with the skills needed for this role."

About Richard A. Fisher: Fisher has more than forty years of healthcare leadership and finance expertise. He has served in both hands-on and consulting capacities to advise positive growth of numerous hospital and healthcare-related firms better. A seasoned executive, Fisher worked for a number of years with Baxter Travenol Laboratories developing his sales and marketing management, culminating in his role as the national accounts manager. During his time on Wall Street, Fisher developed his skills as a healthcare banker, which led to his position as a senior adviser to several hospital organizations in developing for-profit practices. After Fisher led the senior management buyout of Walgreen Laboratories’ pharmaceutical manufacturing, he led the newly formed XCEL Laboratories, Inc., as CEO for three years. In the mid-1990s, Fisher, was the Chairman of a healthcare advisory company in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and was one of the first to manage a multidisciplinary physician group.

A true visionary, Fisher became CEO of one of the first companies to advance evidence-based medicine, using cancer treatment guidelines to produce positive clinical outcomes. The company, Innovative Solutions in Healthcare, was awarded the Blue Cross Blue Shield Highmark award for innovation in 2001. His most recent endeavor prior to joining AlertMD was the development of a healthcare debit card, collaborating with prominent American banks, credit companies, and clinical laboratories to develop a mutually beneficial resource for people of all backgrounds and financial situations.

Fisher believes that the forward-thinking products of AlertMD’s real-time mobile alerts are key to moving hospitals and patient care forward in a successful relationship. "The role of the risk-bearing hospital and its requirements for the community as a population being managed is now a completely new paradigm," Fisher says.

On joining the AlertMD community, Fisher has a clear vision: "The goal is to provide solutions today for hospitals, state and local municipalities, and physicians, along with allied healthcare professionals, in this most challenging new economic environment. I'm looking forward to providing the significant proprietary programs of AlertMD as a resource, translating into a positive clinical and financial outcome for the healthcare community."

AlertMD looks forward to combining their exciting advances in the field of mobile healthcare with Fisher’s vision and expertise.

AlertMD Hits New Milestones

With your support of our products, we have now hit major milestones. New features, record-breaking revisions, and a new app version!

  • 7 million revisions to facesheets with a monthly rate of 1.5M and rising
  • 57,000 patients in 2012 alone... and growing fast
  • 250,000 page views of the web administration portal each month

AlertMD 7.0 is now in the app store! There are several incremental features in this version. Some of the key ones are as follows:

Practice Feature

  • You can add hospital encounters for clinic patients without a hospital data feed – a major time saver.
  • Surgery coding has some quirks about repeating diagnoses for PQRI charges – these now are a touch of a button.
  • Split keyboard – We now support the split keyboard – so if you have the "blackberry" thumb down and type with your thumb from both sides of the iPad, you can do it on AlertMD as well.

Hospital Features (If your hospital subscribes to AlertMD on your behalf.)

  • The DRG explorer at your hospital will now enable hospital revenue management to monitor special cases where you enter codes that help them improve DRG – e.g., pneumonia vs. aspirational pneumonia.
  • We now have the data structures in place in AlertMD 7.0 to predict the census at the hospital for the next 96 hours, thus providing the opportunity to reduce incremental labor expenses

If you are a current user of AlertMD, download 7.0 now! If you are a hospital administrator, contact us about DRG and census analytics. If you are not a customer yet... what is stopping you?

AlertMD Takes Off, Announces Majestic Statistics

AlertMD today processes 25,000 or more patient encounters each month. That is over 300,000 a year.

We have a pipeline of dozens of hospitals in various stages of evaluation and are in discussions with practices accounting for 1000+ physicians, a good portion of who we hope we will have the honor to serve.

We were the major sponsor at the Centricity Healthcare User Group – a pictorial commentary is on our Facebook page. Our popular giveaway at the show was a football rocket in our colors; a picture of which is also on our page.

May I humbly invite you to like us on Facebook as we start increasing the pace of our growth? Check out our page here.

AlertMD Offers Incredible Automation

Dr. Arif Ali, a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon, completes billing seconds after he was done with his surgeries.

"AlertMD has far exceeded my expectations. Today, I finished coding 3 surgeries on my iPhone in 26 seconds – I am very impressed."

- Dr. Arif Ali, Orthopedic Surgery Specialists, Park Ridge, IL

What he left out was that the hospital where he has privileges provides his rounding list and his patients' facesheets digitally to us. Patients on his census are automatically matched in the Progressive Management System (PMS), the facesheet is automatically entered, new patients are automatically registered, and his charges are submitted instantaneously.

AlertMD is now rolling out specialty specific modules - the comprehensive ortho module, neuro module, and several others to make it possible for all physicians to bill in seconds.

Hospitals offering AlertMD stand out in the crowd. Is your hospital one of them? Talk to us.

AlertMD Reaches Milestone, Speeds Further

We just reached 100,000 charges captured with AlertMD. We are increasing charge capture adoption at roughly 25% a month!

Earlier today, released AlertMD 5.0 - which now has video-based coding instructions embedded into it along side the entire CPT book. The entire CMS guidelines for coding will now walk a physician through entering additional diagnoses when needed and has embedded YouTube video-based help so you can see how to do something if you have a question.

Here is what one of our happy customers have had to say about AlertMD:

"AlertMD has been of terrific value to us. It has streamlined our charge capture with a direct impact of huge time savings for our physicians. We have fewer missing charges and the charges we do receive are more timely and accurate. Most importantly, the product is very intuitive and customer service is terrific. We whole-heartedly recommend AlertMD.”

- Brian Ecker, Director of Operations, Family Care Network, Whatcom Health Information Network

We are delighted to have you as a customer, and if you are not one, what is stopping you?

AlertMD Client Drastically Reduces Missing Charges

When Legacy Health Systems provided their census electronically, little did they know that Kartini Clinic would use AlertMD to drive missing charges down to $0.

This is a clear indication of physician satisfaction at the hospital, a well-run practice, and the value ChargeMD has been able to add.

"ChargeMD adds real value to our business office processes and allows our providers to spend less time pushing paper. By virtually eliminating missing charges and speeding up time to payment, we are confident that it will result in a lasting contribution to our bottom line. We were also very pleasantly surprised at the ease of set up and the extremely dedicated and responsive customer support. We highly recommend a trial of this product."

- Morgan O'Toole, CEO of Kartini Clinic

As we continue to innovate and grow with our clients, we look forward creating more opportunities for saving your practice time and money.

AlertMD Breaks Clinic Barrier - New Customers, New specialties

AlertMD has now been adapted to enter clinic charges on a mobile device in 7 seconds. Plus, AlertMD's footprint continues to grow.

Eugene Pediatrics became our first practice to integrate with their Centricity practice management system. Now they are able to get clinic appointments on their mobile device, enter all clinic and hospital charges through the system, and bill on the very same day. Here's what they have to say:

"In one word, AlertMD can be summarized as FANTASTIC. It is easy to use, saves me time and works well both at the clinic and at the hospital."

- Dr. Pilar Bradshaw, Eugene Pediatrics, Eugene, OR

"I practice medicine at two different hospitals and bill both individually and as part of a group. Managing a paper process for this was extremely complicated. AlertMD has vastly simplified my life. I bill the same day, and two different billing companies picked up the system in a matter of hours. This is a great product."

- Dr. Nathaniel Ross, Ross Family Medicine & Tatum Family Healthcare, Gary, IN

By specialty, here is our footprint on AlertMD (across 8 States now!)

  1. Hospital Medicine
  2. Internal Medicine
  3. Gastroenterology
  4. Cardiology
  5. Family Practice
  6. Pediatrics
  7. Surgery
  8. Mental Health

We are almost ready to announce more new customers in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and thank you for your support.

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