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Ohio Gastro has hired AlertMD® to pioneer the next phase of Margie - a 20-second process from referral to appointment!

Chicago, IL: Ohio Gastro signed up with AlertMD to answer a challenge - can you give the patient a 20-second process from the moment a qualified referral is ready, to the moment there is a confirmed appointment?

How would your patient volume change if your patients have an appointment on hand within 20 seconds of a referral that is good to go?

Margie ROI Image

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Margie® ROI from the industry: 100% increase in patient volume, 33% reduction in phone calls, 99.8% office fill rate.

A 20-minute webinar may get you on the way to a huge operational improvement.

About AlertMD: AlertMD is a mobile health platform that saves 7 or more minutes for every minute our users spend on our platform. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 23,000 customers nationwide.

For more information, contact [email protected] for a 20-minute webinar to learn more.

AlertMD Announces Cassidi®, an Artificial Intelligence Engine

AlertMD®'s artificial engine Cassidi® (Computer-Assisted System for Document Interpretation) decodes provider notes and generates pro fees for review so your docs do not have to enter them.

AlertMD gives providers about 2 hrs back in their day to spend with patients and go home earlier to their own families. 1 Minute on AlertMD = 7 Minutes saved for you

Here is how...

  1. Cassidi®, AlertMD's Artificial Intelligence module eliminates human note activity
  2. Automatic provider-to-provider consult notifications when such order is entered in the chart
  3. Automatic PCP notifications of admissions/discharges
  4. Simplified patient assignment and transition of call schedule
  5. AI-based Pro fee charge capture
  6. Post discharge care coordination
  7. Quick and easy signout
  8. Critical lab alert and we are just getting started...

We help deliver a 7-16% increase in pro fee revenue and a 9 day acceleration in cash flow. We help reduce medical experience and we make it easier for you to focus on the patient instead of paperwork.

Benefit from several customizable, real-time, mobile alerts that are timely and actionable.

For more information, contact [email protected] for a 20-minute webinar to learn more.

AlertMD Keeps Innovating with Stroke/STEMI module, in-app notes, labs, orders, and more!

AlertMD is set to release its Stroke/STEMI quality module, in-app notes, labs, orders and more.

The new Stroke/STEMI module enables you to see a real-time dashboard of door-to-balloon and TPA time. Your nurses can now push a single button to alert the Stroke/STEMI response team, measure variances, and escalate to other important parties. This can significantly reduce response time, enhancing the outcomes of time critical stroke and STEMI interventions.

For more information, contact [email protected] for a 20-minute webinar to learn more.

Chicago-land Risk-Based Health Care Joins AlertMD

AlertMD improves care coordination in the Chicago market for JenCare by sending their providers notifications when their patients are admitted to hospitals.

Are your patients at financial risk to your organization showing up at area EDs? AlertMD can help coordinate their care better by notifying case managers, care coordinators and more. We can help attribute your patients to you at the ED. In addition, when such a patient is admitted to the hospital or discharged, we will keep the case managers up-to-date.

If you take risk, inquire to find out what other solutions we have for you and your clinically integrated network (CIN). For example: our admission/discharge notifications, abnormal lab notifications, readmission notifications, in-network referral solutions, Stroke/STEMI care coordination for EMTs and more.

Innovation never stops! It is our opinion that the best charge capture app is the one where no one logs in! - AlertMD has now completely automated charge capture – complete automation as in – the provider does not even login.

For more information, contact [email protected] for a 20-minute webinar to learn more.

Dramatic New Product Released by AlertMD

AlertMD does it again! A new automated feature, AutoCode by AlertMD has has automated billing in the OR and providers are loving it!

"This is AMAZING – the new product will make my life so much simpler at the hospital now."

- Dr. Raghu Reddy, Ohio Gastroenterology

The procedure he did this morning was coded and the operating report was loaded back into his office for review by his billers by the time he got out of his scrubs in the OR.

AlertMD derived the procedure codes for pro-fee billing, extracted the procedure note, submitted the note to the practice billing team, auto-inserted the procedure codes into the mobile solution, and submitted the codes for review to the practice billers. One procedure note and Dr. Reddy was done with his billing!

This solution has the following advantages:

  1. It provides 100% consistency between the hospital version of the coding and the clinical version.
  2. It insures that your providers will not forget to bill for their procedures – which in turn increases their loyalty to you.
  3. There are clear firewalls, and the physicians will pay for their economic value. The hospital’s role is to offer an efficient workplace for procedures.

Questions? Reach out to Badri Narasimhan at [email protected].

Got Risk? You Need AlertMD

MSSP, Full and Partial Risk, Bundles – the flavor does not matter – if you are taking risk, you need new and better tools.

Here is a small sample of what we can do:

  • Readmission - How about an alert to your team when a full risk patient who was admitted 11 days ago is in the ED so your team can be part of the admission decision? Readmission penalty goes up to 3% (from 2% today) on 10/1/2014.

  • Case Mix/Utilization for Risk Pools - How would your efficiencies change if you could give your case managers a pro-active, real-time, mobile alert when utilization approaches the GLOS based on the real-time DRG? Prioritize the UM review list by the highest impact first and much more.

  • VTE/Hospital-acquired condition alerts - How about we alert your team 12-24 hrs before the risk of a complication doubles? Payment for inpatient stays goes down by another 1% on 10/1/2014 if there are hospital-acquired complications.

  • Care coordination alerts - Real-time notifications to discharge planners, nursing home supervisors and more. Benefit from several customizable, real-time, mobile alerts that are timely and actionable to help you manage risk better.

If you are accepting risk, you should look at AlertMD’s real-time alert capabilities. Contact us now to schedule a demo: [email protected].

AlertMD Ahead of the Curve with ICD10

Earlier today, Centegra Health System joined the long list of AlertMD's customers and became the latest customer of AlertMD.

Centegra entered into an agreement to implement the mobile health platform. Centegra is a three hospital system that is committed to making it easier for physicians to do business there.

On top of the new client, AlertMD is proud to announce a new ICD10 module that will be submitted to all app stores later today. The unique voice-recognition driven product will enable all authorized AlertMD users to try out ICD10 well before the deadline to switch.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement. AlertMD is always innovating to give physician practices and hospitals what they need!

AlertMD Completes Marquee Integration

AlertMD integrates with Alaska Regional Hospital to automate the census for Alaska Heart real-time through an HL7 Interface.

As every new patient relationship for one of our physician practices, Alaska Heart, is established at Alaska Regional Hospital, a real-time message communicates that to AlertMD.

The patient is then assigned to the appropriate physician within AlertMD and shows up on the mobile device of the physician in the group. A few seconds of processing later, charges for the patient are now submitted, and the patient status at the clinic is checked. If it is an existing patient, a new visit is created and charges entered into the PM system. If it is a new patient, the patient is automatically registered, and charges head back into the practice with it. The moment a patient is assigned to a physician, we then track charges to ensure that every charge the patient is due is billed.

All of this is what happens today via the AlertMD mobile platform at Alaska Heart. We are announcing more clients and more integrations with hospitals. In the coming weeks, we will announce one of the largest hospital-owned physician group to adopt AlertMD. Three other clients that each employ 100+ physicians will also be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition to all of this, we are also unveiling our fully-text based automated secure texting service to hospitals around the country with one hospital in the Chicago-area going live in a few months.

Thanks a lot for all your support, and we look forward to serving you.

New Client, New Version, Same Great Service

AlertMD today announces Family Christian Health Center, a practice with over 24,000 patients and 85,000 visits a year, as a new customer.

Also, in the app store, you will find AlertMD 8.0. Complete with 14 enhancements, the app now enables many additional capabilities including the following:

  • The ability to set up billing protocols when a global period is in effect.
  • The ability to set up care protocols by payor – e.g., one payor may want a certain kind of protocol implemented and you can now dynamically enable AlertMD to propagate it to all providers instantaneously and aggregate providers into care groups (all commercial payors, Medicare, etc.)
  • The ability for physicians to declare "primary" locations so they can see their data in a multi-location setting, making the process faster.

Current users, please upgrade to AlertMD 8.0. We are about to announce more new clients and a new module that plugs into AlertMD specific to accountable-care organizations, risk-based reimbursement, and care management.

We are delighted to have come thus far and look forward to further developing our mobile platform for risk-based reimbursement models.

AlertMD Hits New Milestones

With your support of our products, we have now hit major milestones. New features, record-breaking revisions, and a new app version!

  • 7 million revisions to facesheets with a monthly rate of 1.5M and rising
  • 57,000 patients in 2012 alone... and growing fast
  • 250,000 page views of the web administration portal each month

AlertMD 7.0 is now in the app store! There are several incremental features in this version. Some of the key ones are as follows:

Practice Feature

  • You can add hospital encounters for clinic patients without a hospital data feed – a major time saver.
  • Surgery coding has some quirks about repeating diagnoses for PQRI charges – these now are a touch of a button.
  • Split keyboard – We now support the split keyboard – so if you have the "blackberry" thumb down and type with your thumb from both sides of the iPad, you can do it on AlertMD as well.

Hospital Features (If your hospital subscribes to AlertMD on your behalf.)

  • The DRG explorer at your hospital will now enable hospital revenue management to monitor special cases where you enter codes that help them improve DRG – e.g., pneumonia vs. aspirational pneumonia.
  • We now have the data structures in place in AlertMD 7.0 to predict the census at the hospital for the next 96 hours, thus providing the opportunity to reduce incremental labor expenses

If you are a current user of AlertMD, download 7.0 now! If you are a hospital administrator, contact us about DRG and census analytics. If you are not a customer yet... what is stopping you?

AlertMD Adds More Value to Hospitals

Today, AlertMD announces market entry into New York, among several other major highlights.

Hospital News

The following value-adds to hospitals will incent them to work with us. If you do not get a direct patient extract from your hospital, kindly have the administrators at the hospitals read the below and get in touch with us.

  • DRG Assist - Our new module to improve hospital DRGs is being built at a handful of hospitals to improve performance. The hospital receives an alert to the CDMP nurse. The alert will specify exactly which chart to audit for potential improvement in DRG - e.g., look in Chart 23232 for aspirational pneumonia vs. pneumonia.

  • Hospital Occupancy predictor — We are embarking on a hospital occupancy predictor module to project near-term occupancy at the hospital to assist with flex staff labor planning. The system is built on the existing AlertMD data feeds from the hospital.

Practice News

  • New Customer in Hudson Valley, NY - Today, the Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center (GHVFHC) entered into a definitive agreement to implement AlertMD for its physicians. Founded 44 years ago and serving over 17,000 patients (totaling to over 125,000 patient visits a year!), GHVFHC employs 250 people, including physicians practicing pediatric & adolescent medicine, internal medicine, women’s health, behavioral health and dental care.

  • Analytics Module headed your way — In the next few days, AlertMD will release Charge Analytics – a module that will help practices measure the impact of cash flow improvements via AlertMD in real-time so that they can find and fix problems. We will walk practices through unearthing the value as well. Hospital-facing analytics are soon to follow.

Talk to us if you are interested in getting started with AlertMD today!

Substantial New Functionality Now in AlertMD

AlertMD released a new Specialist-Edition with a hospital focus. Available now – download and install AlertMD 6.0 from the Apple App Store.

AlertMD released a new Specialist-Edition with a hospital focus. If you are a specialist or would like your hospital’s facesheet to show up automatically at your practice, you will find AlertMD 6.0 to be particularly useful.

We now have 3400 rules for specialists to help with coding that have been created in collaboration with physician practices. Our multi-level coding guidance unit now will enable a narrative to capture the information the physician needs to provide to the billing office. Likewise, global periods will now light up automatically and guide a physician through when charges are billable and when they are not. Our new CPT search module enables free text searches of the entire CPT module. The ICD10 implications are enormous. We are also embarking on a note-assist module to help documentation improve at the hospital.

At dozens of practices around the country, the facesheet now shows up inside the practice system seconds after the physician stands bedside to enter charges, but we don't stop there. If an element in the facesheet changes, we will highlight it and refresh the practice copy – no more searching for the latest versions.

And did I say, in the time since the last new update, we doubled again! Recent use of AlertMD has begun at about a dozen practices, including GI Associates in Wisconsin – one of the largest groups in that specialty in the country.

Download AlertMD 6.0 and enjoy. Consider “liking” us on Facebook here.

AlertMD Reaches Milestone, Speeds Further

We just reached 100,000 charges captured with AlertMD. We are increasing charge capture adoption at roughly 25% a month!

Earlier today, released AlertMD 5.0 - which now has video-based coding instructions embedded into it along side the entire CPT book. The entire CMS guidelines for coding will now walk a physician through entering additional diagnoses when needed and has embedded YouTube video-based help so you can see how to do something if you have a question.

Here is what one of our happy customers have had to say about AlertMD:

"AlertMD has been of terrific value to us. It has streamlined our charge capture with a direct impact of huge time savings for our physicians. We have fewer missing charges and the charges we do receive are more timely and accurate. Most importantly, the product is very intuitive and customer service is terrific. We whole-heartedly recommend AlertMD.”

- Brian Ecker, Director of Operations, Family Care Network, Whatcom Health Information Network

We are delighted to have you as a customer, and if you are not one, what is stopping you?

Hospital Reduces Adverse Events with our Technology

Advocate Good Samaritan, a hospital renown for its quality, finds more ways to improve the care for venous thromboembolism (VTE) with our solution.

Here is how:

"Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital is the winner of the Baldrige National Quality Award. When we were challenged with reducing the incidence of VTE, we turned to AlertMD’s analytics to help us. Armed with CoagAssist, a real-time analytics dashboard that adapted to our pharmacist’s workflow, we are happy to report that we have now successfully reached our goal. CoagAssist is a great tool for hospitals that are trying to organize their work, understand who to prioritize, and get their VTEs under control."

- Charles Derus, MD, MM, VP Medical Management, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

Pending Patent Changes Physician Behavior

Another great day for AlertMD... 7-second charge capture with a picture on your phone is now pending patent!

It is not often that a company gets to send out a note where physicians declared that a product changed the way they practice (for the better!). Today, it is our turn.

"I scan the barcode on the chart of the patient at the point of care, and by the time I walk over to the next patient, I am already done entering my charges. AlertMD is awesome and has changed the way I bill for my work."

- Dr. Alan Wurzelbacher, Hospitalist at Central DuPage Hospital, DuPage Medical Group

Dr. Wurzelbacher has a lag time of just 0.6 days between seeing the patient and entering charges, his charge quality is 98%, and his response rate to inquiries is 100%, placing him as the leader of the pack for AlertMD’s hospitalist metrics.

If you are using a paper-based charge capture process, talk to us. If a physician can complete charges in the time it takes to walk from one bed to another - there are no more excuses to push paper.


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