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Metro South Medical Center Makes it Easier to Practice Medicine

Quorum Metro South Medical Center has signed up to improve efficiencies via AlertMD.

A $6 pizza has a website where you can watch the pie being made, $100 car insurance is sold to us by a lizard, a lady in flowing-white-robe or a dude called Jake. In the meanwhile, $20,000 surgeries are coordinated via fax, an old phone system and sometimes, a web portal where a patient leaves a message on a Friday and has no clue if you have read it by Tuesday AM and calls your switchboard and waits for 17 minutes.

"Alexa®", I need an MRI" - be part of that new reality or get Margie'd. Your patients don't care about ACOs, population health or whether you have the EMR with the blue button or the red button. They care about whether it is easy to work with you - PERIOD. Do not wait until your practice gets "Margie'd" by competition. Contact Badri Narasimhan [email protected] and make it easier for your patients.

About Margie® - AlertMD's ambulatory extension, Margie® - is a persona for your health system. She talks to your patients via the web, phone and Alexa®. No more elevator music for your patients on your clinic phone line. Margie® is a Machine-Assisted Recommendation and Guidance Engine that you configure to meet your needs. Watch this 2-minute video for a preview of Margie® here.

Note - Only 16-23% of patient interactions come through your portal - even in a well-oiled practice. 50% of your daytime calls should not even require human intervention. Margie® digitizes the remainder, guides more patients to your portal as you see fit and creates a centralized switchboard for all your locations. And oh, we are thinking that your patients would rather text you than call you - texting my doctor's office is so 2019.

About AlertMD®: AlertMD is a mobile health platform that saves 7 or more minutes for every minute our users spend on our platform. We are based in Chicago, IL and have about 20,000 customers nationwide.

For more information, contact [email protected] for a 20-minute webinar to learn more.

Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center picks AlertMD to Make It Easier to practice

AlertMD announced earlier today that Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center has selected AlertMD to innovate and make it easier for its providers to practice at its facilities.

AlertMD is a mobile health platform that saves 7 or more minutes for every minute our users spend on our platform. We are based in Chicago, IL and have customers nationwide. Some of AlertMD’s largest customers use Epic.

For more information, contact [email protected] for a 20-minute webinar to learn more.

More information about Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center can be found here.

Texas Tech University Health Science Center

AlertMD helps deliver a 7-16% increase in pro fee revenue and a 9 day acceleration in cash flow. We help reduce medical experience and we make it easier for you to focus on the patient instead of paperwork.

Benefit from several customizable, real-time, mobile alerts that are timely and actionable.

For more information, contact [email protected] for a 20-minute webinar to learn more.

AlertMD Lands Four Clients in Four Weeks

AlertMD landed Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare, making it the 3rd client in 3 weeks, marking its 7th new client for the year 2015.

Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare chose our platform to make doing business and coordinating patient care easier at their locations. They have providers at Edward Hospital (349 beds), Elmhurst Hospital (259 beds) and Linden Oaks (110 beds), totaling to over 700 patient care opportunities, and all three locations are set up with AlertMD's latest innovations to make them stand out.

But we didn't stop there! The following week yet another Iowa practice, Chest, Infectious Diseases and Critical Care Associates (CIC) of Iowa. With all these new additions. AlertMD is proud to announce that we now have over 7500 and 180 hospitals nationwide... and counting!

AlertMD is infectious - it is spreading like a virus. Inquire more to "catch the fever"!

Email [email protected] or call 312-282-6846 for more information.

Texas Becoming New Home ground for AlertMD

AlertMD continues its march in TX and announces yet another customer – 344-bed Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, TX.

Now the hospital census will be available at the touch of a button to the physicians rounding there.

AlertMD has 16 mobile add-on modules, each of which can be used a-la-carte. We add comprehensive value to our customers. How do you accomplish the goals above? Pens, papers, faxes, voicemails, etc.?

Here is is what we can do for you:

a) Our simple 7-second charge capture platform with ICD10 compliance, which has delivered 7-16% increase in revenue and 11 days increase in cash b) A secure texting platform for providers c) An image transfer mechanism for providers to securely send pictures d) A voice-based browser for ICD10 e) A unique ACO platform for those bearing risk – our ground-breaking tagger that highlights exactly the patients that need the user’s attention – e.g., follow up care needed, readmission, high utilization and more to the appropriate users such as care coordinators, outpatient administrators, providers and more, including a VTE-prevention platform that has reduced VTEs by 90% at a facility in IL f) A comprehensive analytics package including productivity reports, admission reports, efficiency metrics, transition of care analytics and more – already proven to reduce readmissions by 50% in multiple implementations g) An early warning to detect when utilization is not on par with documentation h) A nurse productivity module i) A case-mix index alert based on utilization and DRG j) Readmission alerts and more

And more...

Let us help you realize more value – contact [email protected] to learn more.

AlertMD Looks Back at a Phenomenal Year

AlertMD has grown by 275% in 2013. Looking back at a great year, we are happy to report many milestones.

Five New Products

  1. Hospital analytics modules including transition of care reports, admission reports, RVU analytics, and productivity analytics
  2. Utilization modules – including geometric adjusted length of stay alerts, readmission alerts, and VTE alerts
  3. Nurse consult module – secure texting consult module for nurses
  4. Provider-to-provider secure texting module
  5. ICD10 voice-enabled browser – a must-see product for you if you dont use it already

Five New Clients

  1. Presence St. Marys Hospital has entered the client base as the 3rd Presence Health hospital to work with AlertMD.
  2. Moscow Family Medicine in Moscow, ID, joined AlertMD as a new practice client
  3. Riverside Pulmonary Clinic – an intensivist group
  4. A 500-user license at Centegra Health
  5. PCC Wellness transitions a large group of providers from leaving voicemails for coding to a smartphone – a huge transformation

More about AlertMD: AlertMD is the mobile health platform of choice for hospitals and practices. With modules such as charge capture, secure text-messaging, transition of care, readmission analytics, utilization alerts and more, the platform brings incredible efficiencies. In use in over 15 states, AlertMD’s solution suite is a must-have for your hospital and you.

The Summer of New Clients Continues!

AlertMD expands to Ohio and Idaho, adding the 11th, 12th, and 13th clients in 13 weeks as it edges towards 50 hospitals.

Riverside Pulmonary Associates, a leading critical care and pulmonary medicine group out of Columbus, OH, joined AlertMD as its latest customer on July 22nd. Integration into Ohio Health system was completed from start to finish in 48 hours, making it one of the fastest to date. Practice setup took another 3 days and the go-live date is already on the table. AlertMD will make it easier for Riverside Pulmonary to practice at their hospitals, help identify missing charges and provide mobile access to their census.

From Moscow, Idaho comes one of our newest clients, Moscow Family Medicine, who went live on July 29th. With integration into their practice management system and an automated census feed from the hospital, AlertMD will enable a daily productivity report and their missing charge process to ensure that every billable dollar is accounted for.

Earlier today, AlertMD completed integration of Alexian Brothers Medical Center, the third Ascension Alexian Brothers facility in Illinois, into its mobile platform. St. Alexius Medical Center, Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health System, and now Alexian Brothers Medical Center are all integrated onto the AlertMD platform.

With the new additions, our clients are now spread in the following states:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Alaska
  • Ohio
  • Idaho

Our specialty modules in use include:

  • Hospital Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Cardiology
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • CV/PV Surgery
  • Electrophysiology
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Mental Health
  • Pulmonary Critical Care
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics
  • Psychiatry
  • Geriatrics

With more to come!

AlertMD Integrates with Yet Another Hospital

AlertMD today announced that it integrated with the 10th client, Rush Copley Medical Center to implement its mobile platform at its hospital.

Rush Copley Medical Center entered into an agreement to implement its mobile platform at its hospital, and its census is now available real-time to practicing physicians. AlertMD will enable mobile charge capture. Several analytics modules, a case-mix module, a secure texting module and much more are potential options.

Learn more about how AlertMD can serve you – contact us at [email protected]

Another Week and Another Key Hospital Client

AlertMD today announced that Presence Mercy Medical Center has entered into an agreement to implement its mobile platform at its hospital.

AlertMD will enable a real-time census to be published to physicians with privileges at the hospital and enable mobile charge capture. Several analytics modules, a case mix module, a secure texting module, and much more are potential options.

Did you know our mobile platform has the following app modules?

  • Case mix index module with mobile alerts
  • Secure texting from nurses to providers
  • ICD10 learning guide using voice recognition
  • Readmission alerts to care team
  • Utilization alerts to identify inconsistency in documentation
  • RAC audit exposure reduction via mobile alerts
  • Pro fee charge capture and integration
  • and more

Learn more – contact us at [email protected].

Leading Hospital Picks AlertMD

Presence Health d/b/a Provena St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, IL has entered into an agreement to implement its mobile platform at its hospital.

AlertMD will enable a real-time census to be published to physicians with privileges at the hospital and enable mobile charge capture. Several analytics modules, a case mix module, and a secure texting module are also potential options.

More about Presence Health can be found here.

AlertMD’s solution suite is a must-have for your hospital and you. Contact [email protected] if you would like a demonstration.

AlertMD Completes Marquee Integration

AlertMD integrates with Alaska Regional Hospital to automate the census for Alaska Heart real-time through an HL7 Interface.

As every new patient relationship for one of our physician practices, Alaska Heart, is established at Alaska Regional Hospital, a real-time message communicates that to AlertMD.

The patient is then assigned to the appropriate physician within AlertMD and shows up on the mobile device of the physician in the group. A few seconds of processing later, charges for the patient are now submitted, and the patient status at the clinic is checked. If it is an existing patient, a new visit is created and charges entered into the PM system. If it is a new patient, the patient is automatically registered, and charges head back into the practice with it. The moment a patient is assigned to a physician, we then track charges to ensure that every charge the patient is due is billed.

All of this is what happens today via the AlertMD mobile platform at Alaska Heart. We are announcing more clients and more integrations with hospitals. In the coming weeks, we will announce one of the largest hospital-owned physician group to adopt AlertMD. Three other clients that each employ 100+ physicians will also be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition to all of this, we are also unveiling our fully-text based automated secure texting service to hospitals around the country with one hospital in the Chicago-area going live in a few months.

Thanks a lot for all your support, and we look forward to serving you.

Trinity Hospital Picks AlertMD

Trinity Hospital entered into an agreement to make their hospital easy to do business at via AlertMD.

This hospital, which has been around for over 115 years, now stands to gain from DRG benefits, nursing labor improvements, a simpler path from ICD9 to ICD10, and much more.

As we increase our geographical footprint around the country, hospitals like Trinity that aim to differentiate themselves from competition, prepare for the DRG changes coming in the next few years, and increase profitability through better organization of nursing overtime wages, are who will lead the pack.

We are poised to announce more clients – hospitals and practices nationwide. From large IDNs to single hospitals, the challenges today are the same, and we are proud to help hospitals meet them.

New Hospitals and Physician Practices Continue to Choose AlertMD

We are proud to say that our stunning adoption rate continues on as we archive strong growth in just 7 days.

In the last 7 days, we have announced the following new customers:

  1. Tallahassee Neurological Clinic in Tallahassee, FL - exclusive neurology and neurosurgery provider to the 772-bed Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare location, has signed on to both AlertMD and ChargeMD.
  2. Oak Park Pediatrics in IL has signed on to AlertMD.
  3. Family Care Network in Whatcom County, WA went live with ChargeMD.
  4. And most importantly, we now receive a live census from Legacy Health Systems, a chain of 7 hospitals in the state of Washington for our customers that practice in 2 of the 7 hospitals. All they had to do was to ask the hospital to make it easy for them to do business there. If you do not get a census from your hospital onto your iPad/ iPhone directly, you may be only an email away. Ask and you may be able to make this happen for you!

Thanks a lot for your support, and we are delighted by our continued growth.

Major Hospital to Make Census Electronically Available

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital has made it easy for its physicians to do business there by publishing its census via AlertMD.

Advocate Lutheran General is a teaching hospital, research center, and Level I trauma center with 645 beds. One of AlertMD's largest hospital partnerships yet.

With 1500+ physicians on staff, this brings convenience on an unparalleled basis to the facility. Within seconds of using the physician’s mobile device to scan a barcode at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, the facesheet is brought back to the practice’s billing system along with charges for the hospital visit. AlertMD’s automatic missing charge module helps physician practices ensure that every single consult ever seen by the physician is billed for. Our intelligent coding module would make it easy for physicians to learn coding principles. We currently have licenses for ICD9 and are transitioning into ICD10 to guarantee that our billing options remain up-to-date for your physicians.

For some of our customers who do not have interfaces with the hospitals where you practice, this is a great indicator that innovative, physician-friendly hospitals will indeed move to serve you. Let us know if you want to work with your hospital administration to receive your census on your mobile device, and we will gladly enable such interfaces where you practice.

We are talking to hospital systems representing 120 hospitals around the country and look forward to bringing you more innovation to you.

AlertMD Adds 2 New Hospitals to their Network

As of earlier today, Edward Hospital ( announced that it will be publishing its census to is physicians via AlertMD.

With these new hospital partners, we are able to provide a constantly updated hospital census lists to all of our provider practices that round there.

Additionally, after purchasing our mobile census platform, here is what the president of Advocate Good Samaritan hospital had to say:

"Advocate Good Samaritan hospital is constantly on the lookout for solutions that will make it easier for our physicians to do business with us. We found in AlertMD the ability to publish our census to our practicing physicians. Rather than have them print a paper copy of their rounding list, which becomes outdated the minute they print it and take notes on it, we have now signed up to enable our physicians to get their census electronically on their smartphone or tablet. We are very keen on excellent physician satisfaction and engagement for practicing physicians, and AlertMD is a key strategic initiative to help us with it."

- Dave Fox, President, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital


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