4 Healthcare Technology Solutions That Reduce Patient Wait Times

Patients everywhere are eager for their providers to reduce patient wait times. As one of the most historically frustrating parts of the patient experience, wait times need to be addressed. With quality technology solutions, providers can reduce patient wait times and improve interactions. Individuals will no longer have to wait for what seems like forever in your waiting room, crowding your space, and slowing down your day. Keep reading to learn how technology solutions can reduce patient wait times for your organization. With these tools, providers can streamline the check-in process, improve patient satisfaction, and improve data collection.

Technology Solutions that Reduce Patient Wait Times:

Chatbot technology

A phone, chatbot, and messaging system may be exactly what your practice needs to effectively reduce patient wait times. This tool is capable of sending images, videos, and interactive responses to your patients to increase engagement. Care Navigation helps guide your patients from pre-procedure prep, day of procedure, recovery, and more with a friendly automated agent. With 24/7 text updates and automated technology, this tool eliminates dropped calls, elevator hold music, and high wait times. Patients no longer need to wait to talk to someone in your busy practice to get a large portion of their questions answered. Instead, automated assisted functions as an extension of your practice to improve workflow productivity and reduce patient wait times.

Centralized Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling can feel like phone tag after so long while your team tries to make sure your patients are coming in or their appointment. When a patient is late for their appointment or does not show up, it can impact the schedule of the entire day, including wait times. A centralized and automated scheduling tool is essential to reduce late appointments and reduce patient wait times. This tool should be simple and fast to use for your practice and patients.

Digital Patient Intake

Digital patient intake is now an important tool that every practice needs to reduce patient wait times, improve intake efficiency, and increase workflow productivity. This tool allows your patients to complete their intake documents from home, prior to their visit. Eliminating the transcription process, this is a better way to collect patient data. EHR integration uploads this information directly into their chart for provider use. It helps to reduce patient wait times by eliminating paper documents that would normally be filled out in the waiting room.

Queue Management solution

The best tool your practice can implement to reduce patient wait times and build patient volume is a queue management solution. This tool creates a virtual waiting room, eliminating crowded spaces, and improving the patient experience. Patients can check-in from their mobile devices and wait from their car. Providers can track who has checked in, pre-visit requirements, and the software will automatically alert the patient when it is time to enter the practice for their visit. This tool helps create a safe public environment for your patients as well as improve their waiting experience.

To learn more about digital technology solutions that can reduce patient wait times, improve the patient experience, and improve workflow productivity at your practice, click here.

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