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The process of calling a consult is highly redundant. The provider documents the consult on the chart, the reason for the consult, the background, the follow-up action, and then attempt to find the provider on call. Regardless of how much automation there is, the above steps are a waste of time.

AlertMD drastically simplifies these redundancies by sourcing its information directly from the chart. It knows who called the consult, their call back number, who is servicing the consult, the reason for the consult, the labs/documents for the patient, and more. AlertMD calls the receiving provider for Stat consults with a single push of a button while hiding their caller ID.

In doing so, AlertMD eliminates the work of the requesting provider. The work of the receiving provider is also simplified – they now know much more about the patient before returning the call, and the chart is better off because documentation is now a vital step in the workflow.

AlertMD delivered exceptional profitability in Ohio to the hospital and provider while improving patient safety.

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Hospital System Profitability

Preps started a day earlier than before because of real-time communication of non-urgent consults. Thus, procedures were done on day two instead of day three. Since the DRG payment was the same, the hospital’s profitability rose.

Provider Profitability

The servicing physician group received more consults than before because some non-urgent consults were inadvertently getting lost due to the innumerable hoops between documenting the consult and the patient being seen.

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Patient Safety

Gone are the days when there is the rare case that a consult is called for the patient but the provider did not round on them. AlertMD reduces these cases due to automated workflow.

Other Modules

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We make it easier for providers to round at hospitals by providing automated admit/ discharge notifications, digital facesheets with updates, manage communications for pre-op testing, make surgery check-in easier, recovery communication, and more.

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Bundle Payments

Get alerts when a full-risk patient is pending an admission by enabling admit/discharge notifications. Monitor your follow-up appointments post-discharge and management communication for pre-op testing all while making procedure check-in easier.

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