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AlertMD Excels in Solving Complex Billing Workflow

AlertMD excels in solving complex billing workflows, and physicians are delighted with the simplicity and efficiency of our solutions.

How much more complicated can it get than a single physician rounding at multiple hospitals, except billing as a different company for different patients? That was the challenge presented by Dr. Nathaniel Ross, and AlertMD hit the ball out of the park with our new solution.

"I practice medicine at two different hospitals and bill both individually and as part of a group. Managing a paper process for this was extremely complicated. AlertMD has vastly simplified my life. I bill the same day, and two different billing companies picked up the system in a matter of hours. This is a great product."

- Dr. Nathaniel Ross, Ross Family Medicine & Tatum Family Healthcare, Gary, Indiana

With minimal setup, AlertMD can identify the billing area for your patients and send the information to the correct company for you, so that you can focus more on your patients and less on paperwork.

New Cardiology Group Signs with AlertMD

We are happy to announce that CardioVascular Associates of Mesa has gone live with AlertMD.

We expanded our capabilities to better cover their needs, and they are enjoying the product.

Here is what their physicians and administration have to say about AlertMD:

"We had a working charge capture system and so making the switch to AlertMD was a harder decision than normal. We are so glad we did it. This is a great system, and most importantly, the service behind the system is spectacular. We are happy customers."

- Deane Daniels, Patient Coordinator, Cardiovascular Associates of Mesa

"Every time I use the app, I learn something new about the added capabilities of the system. This is a great product, and I am happy to use it."

- Dr. David Skloven, Cardiologist, Cardiovascular Associates of Mesa

From their website: CardioVascular Associates of Mesa is a medical clinic that specializes in delivering up-to-date and specialized cardiovascular care. They provide a wide variety of services including nuclear testing, ultrasound, anticoagulation (Coumadin) clinic, pacemaker/device clinic, and clinical research studies

AlertMD Goes Coast to Coast

AlertMD continues to grow with new clients and raving reviews. In just the last two weeks, we have seen phenomenal growth.

Our product is now being used in 6 states, and we can now say that AlertMD is coast to coast!

  • Midwest - IL, IN
  • Southeast - FL
  • SouthWest - AZ
  • West - WA, OR

Customers have had this to say about our product:

"I really like the dynamic and navigation features of the software."

-Dr. Son T. Do, MD, Advanced Gastroenterology

"I am new to the iPad and have had some trouble using my email, getting it to work on it. The only app that works all the time and is easy to use is AlertMD."

-Anonymous Physician in IL

"This is the new revolution of billing."

-DoktorMD3000, iTunes AppStore user

"Slick program."

-Dr. Samuel T. Sim, MD, Gastroenterology

Our company is growing faster than ever; we have had 163 downloads in the iTunes AppStore in this week alone! On top of the recent additions, we are working on finalizing two new major customers. We look forward to talking about them in another two weeks!

Hospital Reduces Adverse Events with our Technology

Advocate Good Samaritan, a hospital renown for its quality, finds more ways to improve the care for venous thromboembolism (VTE) with our solution.

Here is how:

"Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital is the winner of the Baldrige National Quality Award. When we were challenged with reducing the incidence of VTE, we turned to AlertMD’s analytics to help us. Armed with CoagAssist, a real-time analytics dashboard that adapted to our pharmacist’s workflow, we are happy to report that we have now successfully reached our goal. CoagAssist is a great tool for hospitals that are trying to organize their work, understand who to prioritize, and get their VTEs under control."

- Charles Derus, MD, MM, VP Medical Management, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

AlertMD Adds 2 New Hospitals to their Network

As of earlier today, Edward Hospital ( announced that it will be publishing its census to is physicians via AlertMD.

With these new hospital partners, we are able to provide a constantly updated hospital census lists to all of our provider practices that round there.

Additionally, after purchasing our mobile census platform, here is what the president of Advocate Good Samaritan hospital had to say:

"Advocate Good Samaritan hospital is constantly on the lookout for solutions that will make it easier for our physicians to do business with us. We found in AlertMD the ability to publish our census to our practicing physicians. Rather than have them print a paper copy of their rounding list, which becomes outdated the minute they print it and take notes on it, we have now signed up to enable our physicians to get their census electronically on their smartphone or tablet. We are very keen on excellent physician satisfaction and engagement for practicing physicians, and AlertMD is a key strategic initiative to help us with it."

- Dave Fox, President, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

AlertMD Reaches Washington State

AlertMD continues on our growth trajectory with the addition of two physician practices, Kartini Clinic and Advanced Gastroenterology.

Both practices are located in Washington state.

We are on a roll and look forward to having you as a customer!

Pending Patent Changes Physician Behavior

Another great day for AlertMD... 7-second charge capture with a picture on your phone is now pending patent!

It is not often that a company gets to send out a note where physicians declared that a product changed the way they practice (for the better!). Today, it is our turn.

"I scan the barcode on the chart of the patient at the point of care, and by the time I walk over to the next patient, I am already done entering my charges. AlertMD is awesome and has changed the way I bill for my work."

- Dr. Alan Wurzelbacher, Hospitalist at Central DuPage Hospital, DuPage Medical Group

Dr. Wurzelbacher has a lag time of just 0.6 days between seeing the patient and entering charges, his charge quality is 98%, and his response rate to inquiries is 100%, placing him as the leader of the pack for AlertMD’s hospitalist metrics.

If you are using a paper-based charge capture process, talk to us. If a physician can complete charges in the time it takes to walk from one bed to another - there are no more excuses to push paper.


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