Computer-assisted Document Interpretation

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Cassidi is AlertMD's artificial intelligent (AI) agent who automatically reviews clinical documentation and saves time for the hard working coders. Improve productivity and cash flow while reducing clinical billing office (CBO) expenses.

ICD10 Finder

Automate and Collaborate

We are all human and are prone to make a mistake or two. What if there was a way to automate and double check work? Well, look no further — Cassidi has your back. Cassidi automatically reviews clinical notes and generates suggested professional fees when there are none.

Performance turned up to 11

Cassidi's results are top-notch. Just take a look for yourself.

30% Productivity Increase
98% Coding Accuracy Improvement
90% Identification Rate
7+% Revenue Increase
10% Case Mix Index Improvement
CASSIDI Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Be in the Know

With reporting and analytics built right into Cassidi, you couldn't go wrong. Get the most out of your charges and reduce the time for professional fees to be sent to the payor. This and more, all while you are increasing coding accuracy.

Cassidi is just one of AlertMD's many modules. Experience the results and schedule a risk-free demo now.

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